Energy flows where attention goes.

Today’s message is to pay attention to your underlying thoughts and feelings because energy flows where attention goes.

The universe wants you to know that you are master manifester and you are constantly creating the world you live in. This creation is sometimes conscious but mostly subconscious. Even when we decide to be conscious creators we forget that the universe is responding to those deep down feelings that even we are not always fully aware of.

Looking at our external world gives an insight to what’s really going on inside and the first message is to look outside and maybe get in touch with what’s going on jg on inside. The second is to look towards what you are attempting to manifest and see if you are just playing lip service to what you want or if you really truly believe it is what you deserve.

energy flows where attention goes

We can all truly want but we also need to believe that it is possible for us to have it. Believing that we deserve it is one, the other can be thinking that there isn’t enough for everyone, taking attention to the how and when instead of the what is another.

The universe wants you to know that you are deserving, you are worthy, there is plenty for every one and it will happen when it happens. Don’t let other thoughts and feelings come in the way of your manifestation. You can do it!

Happy manifesting today 💕

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