The Emperor.

The Emperor is the tarot archetype of the father and the masculine in all its power. At the physical level, this can mean that the home or finances are where your attention will be drawn to today and all this week. Attention in a positive way, so if you have had some property-related concerns or financial issues, they will be sorted out this week or at least you will get some welcome news regarding them.

the emperor tarot card meaning

It could also mean that you may need to take on a more masculine role (doesn’t matter if you are male or female, as we have both aspects within us), in terms of taking care of the home and hearth or just taking on a more active role in whatever you are doing. You may be required to make some hard calls and the decision making may just lie with you.

The card wants you to make yourself comfortable in that role and to know that you have not only the power but also the strength to make these tough decisions and that you will do right by the people you depend on you. Even though you may find yourself in the role that needs you to take care of people (could even be your male spouse), and even though it is a temporary situation, there are things you will learn about yourself and things you will learn in general that will serve you.

At a deeper level, the card nudges you to ask these questions to yourself – what role does power play in your life? How comfortable and adept are you in relation to power? Are you able to empower others without sacrificing your own? Are you a people pleaser? Do you have issues with authority? Are you aggressive or passive-aggressive?

The Emperor calls on you to assess your relationship with power, control, authority, responsibility and discipline. Are you expressing too much or too little of these elements in your life right now? Are they working for you or against you?

These are the deeper questions that only you are capable of answering. The Emperor’s call is to look at these aspects of the self and adjust where required. This is not about self-flagellation but just recognising that we can all be out of alignment in some areas at times and this is just a reminder to check in with yourself and course correct if required.

Have a lovely introspective day <3.

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