There are times in life where the best thing you can do for yourself and for situation is to walk away. Times when you know deep inside that something is missing -from a relationship, from a job or even a place- because you feel the longing for a nebulous something else. Walking away is the right thing to do at this time when everything seems fine but deep down you know it isn’t.

Then there are times when a situation feels like it’s too much and you need to escape, but this escape is the escape within. In this escape, you avoid looking at the problem altogether or pretend that it does not bother you. We all use self deprecating humour and so many times just smile our way through stuff we don’t want to face or deal with.

The 8 of Cups asks that you do some inner thinking to figure out which escape route is yours. Is it the one that will save your life or is it the one you are taking to not mess with the status quo?

Some quiet contemplation will give you the answers you need. Ask yourself what brings you joy and happiness? If walking away makes you feel lighter then do that. It may be that you are in a relationship for the long haul but the other is not and it’s absolutely fine to leave to seek a compatible partner. Ask yourself what makes you feel content and fulfilled? Is your inner escapism making you feel any better or is it just a suppression of your hurt feelings?

A little bit of soul searching today will go a long way in changing the direction of your life.

Walk away if it’s not working for you but be clear that you are not escaping inwards.

Have a wonderful weekend ❤

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