Truth and Lies.

Sometimes the lies we are repeatedly told become so familiar that we forget that they are lies and start believing them to be true. Sometimes it is other people, sometimes its media and sometimes it is ourselves. There are a lot of fallacies about the truth like truth hurts or it’s a bitter pill, that’s not true at all. Truth never hurts, it’s the lie which is disguised as the truth that hurts. Truth makes you feel lighter and eases up something inside. It’s when someone gives an opinion, calling it the truth, which hurts.

Like when people say ‘you need to lose weight‘, like that’s the truth and like they are doing you a favour by letting you know. For some reason this is becoming a weight related post so I’m just going into that.

alana fairchild inner goddess angel of truth

I am glad things are changing and while we all celebrate plus size models right there is the problem – we call them plus size. They are just models but we still classify them by size. I am as guilty of that as anyone else. We all have folds and flab and we all know that magazines are airbrushed and yet we see them skinny models and a part of us longs for that bikini body. There is a little voice inside which says ‘we’ll never be that gorgeous’ or ‘let’s try to be that’. I’m not for squashing little voices but this one definitely needs quashing. This is the lie we tell ourselves and what the beauty industry tells us. We use words like muffin top to describe parts of our body which is just just not nice and definitely a lie.

Truth is that if we didn’t compare or even stopped looking at mirrors for a while, we would all think of ourselves as goddesses. Truth is that we are goddesses, with our folds and flaps, and the dimples in our thighs. It’s a tough lie to break, a tough illusion to crack and it may take a while but it will be good to start now. Stop telling your body the lie that it is not good enough. It works like a well oiled machine and produces miracles everyday. It is worthy of your worship. Tell it the truth today, about how marvelous it is and how grateful you are for it.

Much love and happy weekend ❤


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