A blessing for a fresh start.

Another blessing for you today – this time for a fresh start. It is said that we die every night and come alive every morning. And when we die, everything dies with us, all our mistakes, lost opportunities, people we knew, people we were. Every morning is an opportunity for a fresh start – to reinvent ourselves and our lives.

A blessing for a fresh start, lucy cavendish blessings card deck

What would you like to start today? Who would you want to be today? Who would you want in your life now? This card is a reminder that it is not too late, you can do a do-over anytime. Whatever you want to change you can start right now.

There is a time and place for regrets but today you get to choose if you want to live there or would you rather make new memories? You can mourn a lost love or friendship or you can go out and make new friends – it’s your choice. A lost job, a failed project, a dead-end role, all of them are just nudge for you to make a fresh start.

Receive your blessings for a fresh start and if an opportunity comes your way today – say yes to it!


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