20th July – Weekly Reading

The Emperor brings with him the message of material stability, of having a solid base or feeling like you have stable ground beneath your feet. And that is what you will feel by the end of the week. There is however some work to do before you get there.

There were some pretty subtle shift in energy last week and I wonder if you felt the space in-between things last week? When this space gets created you know that there is something on the way to fill up that space. With the fresh lockdown there will be additional things to do I’m sure and while you are doing them, just pay attention to what needed your intervention. Some things just become blind spots for us and this is the universe’s way of showing us what needs to be seen.

Having said that, do be careful of not taking on more than you can chew. Whether it is work (includes cooking!) or learning or even a physical activity – there may be a desire to push yourself to do more than usual. The universe asks that you resist that desire and listen to your body when it says ‘enough‘. This week will keep you involved with the practical aspects of life so it is important to slot in some time for self-care and maybe just checking-in with yourself every now and then.

Early to mid-week, there may be something in the horizon that you can see, something that interests you and is maybe even calling out to you. Don’t rush headlong into it tough. It may be the right thing for you but it is better to take that wait and watch approach here. Take stock of the situation and of your resources and desires because diving in could mean a short term financial loss. So, if there is a new business opportunity or a move into a new house or even a reason to travel, just take a little time to evaluate and explore all options. It may be a good opportunity but either the timing is not right or there are some changes in circumstance that may happen to you or it could simply mean that with waiting you may have an even better offer. Don’t say no to anything but proceed slowly and/or with caution.

With the Emperor appearing in the latter part of the week, it may feel that things are coalescing and you will find yourself more certain, more grounded, more structured and you will feel quite in-charge of things (be careful though that you don’t slip into rigidity). You may find that you have a good solid plan going forward with a good handle on finances. The Emperor says that you have a healthy financial situation and you need to see it for what it is. Like the glass with water mid-way, is just midway water – not half full and not half empty. Don’t do any splurges but don’t hoard your finances either.

It’s a week of doing so take some time out to be. Every now and then a hand on your heart will keep you connected with yourself.


You may have put in some work, on a project or just generally may be working on something for a while now. You may also be experiencing some frustration that the reward for the hard word is eluding you. Don’t give up yet because the reward, delayed as it may be is only a little while away.

It is not easy to keep the energy and enthusiasm over time, especially when you start feeling that it is all for naught. Oftentimes we come to a place where we don’t know whether to carry forward or to quit. The message from the cards is to carry forward, it will be worth your while. Think of it as a long term potential versus a short term goal. Whatever you are building/growing will reap you many rewards, it is just taking a while to hit maturity.

Don’t give up yet.

Movement Forward Workshop

It seems incredible that 15 days into the new year so much seems to have changed. Things do seem to be looking up this year and to catch the energy and momentum of this new year, I’m delighted to announce the ‘Movement Forward’ workshop in sunny Goa.

The idea behind this workshop is to make small but powerful movements in the direction of our dreams and desires. To look and see what barriers are within that are preventing us from living the life we want and to make those energy shifts to open up possibilities for us.

We all have patterns in our lives that we keep repeating, be it relationships with people or our relationship with money or success. We long for connections with people but struggle with our connection to ourselves. We are taught to give but seldom know how to receive. Constellation work offers a way to free ourselves from limiting behaviours and patterns, to learn how to receive with abundance, to retain our own individuality yet be connected and take the necessary steps towards our dreams and desires.

The workshop will have group work as well as individual constellation sessions. You can read up on Constellation work here.

It is a two-day residential workshop at the tranquil Island House in Divar Island. The plan is to get there on the 31st evening and depart on the 2nd evening.

The total cost of the workshop will be 15k, for a two-night stay with meals and with a room all to yourself. If you reside in Goa and/or only want a one night stay, it will be 11k. We start early on the 1st, around 9 am.

Do let me know if you would like to be part of this workshop. I’m reachable at 8459303602 or at darpankaur@gmail.com. Looking forward to hearing from you. I would be grateful if you could also please forward this to anyone who may be interested.

Love, D

Building Blocks.

Today’s message is about solidity and foundation setting and as we are poised to enter into a year that is stable and solid, I suspect this message will be repeated ever so often. A base or foundation is essential for any new growth and only with a solid base can we leapfrog into our manifestations. There is a call to reduce the drama and upheaval, avoid the temptation to get sucked into others and also to not create it for the sake of excitement. Sometimes boring is good because it helps us be in the present and put one brick on top of the other to create something solid for the future. Avoid the excitement today and look towards the solid and dependable.

building blocks colette baron reid

It is a good day to reflect on your life choices and to make practical and thoughtful decisions. It is also a good day to observe the cause of chaos and drama around you and to ask yourself what need that drama fulfils. If you are drawn to it against your will then that is giving away your personal power. If it is something you actively seek then maybe look within to see what is missing and fill that instead. This is about people and what purpose they serve in your life – is the purpose supportive or is it chaotic? Does it prop you up or leave you exhausted? To invite in something new, something old has to be shed.

Look to your finances today, as well and any property related matters. You may find new insights or solutions that were not available to you earlier. Once again, the safe approach will be better suited than an exciting but riskier one.

**This deck is Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron Reid

Three of Pentacles.

It’s a good day to implement any plans that you may have. The time for thought process and strategy is over and now is the time to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty.

three of pentacles meaning, tarot 3 of coins meaning

It may also serve you well to collaborate with someone to get the job done. It may be that you have done the planning part and now it is time to hand it over to the person who will implement it. If you are thinking of a DIY project then maybe get someone to help you with it. There is space right now for working with others and getting the right (wo)man to get the work one.

The card also reminds us that every person in the process is equally important. Maybe you are the planner and maybe you are the implementer – without either the job will not get done. Respect your role in the process as well as the others. Especially don’t go down the path of thinking that your role is too small or not good enough.

Enjoy getting things done today ❤


The eight of pentacles shows a young woman tending to her garden. The vines are going and with love and attention, they will start blossoming soon.

The card comes with the message to continue doing what you are doing, your hard work will pay off soon enough. Sometimes the fruits of our labour take some time coming so don’t give up yet, you are on the cusp of success in whatever you have undertaken.

8 of pentacles, tarot

We all go through the frustration of putting in the effort and the result taking more time than anticipated. A time comes when we start wondering if the effort is worth it at all and whether it is better to just stop. If it is that time for you, take heart because the results are near and success is assured. This may be a work project or maybe you have been doing some self-work or even a creative project that you have undertaken. Whatever it is, keep at it for now and you will be rewarded for it.

If you are not currently engaged in any such activity then ask yourself what could that pursuit be for you. Having a goal or pursuing an activity can be good for the soul. It need not be a big goal or activity but something that keeps you engaged for longer than a few days. It can be a creative activity or even some new learning.

Reading for September.

What is the energy of the month?

The Wheel of Fortune is a reminder to us that the wheel is always turning and even as it constantly moves forward, it also goes up and down. The two are inextricably linked – in order to move forward, it has to go up and down and that turn inevitably results in the movement forward. This month the wheel will be in play in your life and you will be subject to its cycle of change in no small way.

september 2019 reading for the month, wheel of fortune

See for yourself where you start the cycle. If you have ended the last month in a difficult note then the start of this one will be a welcome relief. Don’t get too attached to that state though because the wheel will turn soon enough. The Wheel is a wonderful reminder when we are in times of strife and stress, that this too shall pass and that tough times come with their own gifts and blessings. The Wheel also tells us to be present fully and to celebrate the good times as they happen. Don’t postpone the celebration for an even better time, do it now.

The Wheel of Fortune is also the Wheel of Karma – what goes around, comes around – so be aware of the energy you are sending out into the universe because it is going to come back to you one way or another. The thing to be aware of about Karma and how it relates to the Wheel of Fortune is that finally at the end of your life you need zero karma. If someone owes you, you need to be around to collect it. It’s not so much about paying it back but about paying it forward. You can give all you want but make sure you receive what is coming your way as well.

September promises to be a month of ups and downs, of things coming full circle, and chance will be playing an important role in your sphere this month. It is a reminder of the transient nature of all things and to not hold on to things too tightly but rather to go with the flow of change.

What is the learning this month?

We take a lot of things for granted and sometimes we have an appreciation of things only when they are gone. The learning this month is to be grateful for what you have, to turn your attention to all that you have rather than focus on what you don’t have. There is a different energy that we send out to the universe when we operate from a place of abundance and with the Wheel of Karma really active this month, that abundance will come back manifold. When we operate from a place of lack and strife that’s what comes back to us. As the saying goes ‘I lamented the fact that I had no shoes, till I met a man who had no feet’. There is always something to be grateful for and it is not only about saying it or writing it (although that’s a good start) but feeling it from the depth of your being. When you feel that deep gratitude, that’s the energy that the universe responds to by bringing to us spectacular abundance.

september 2019, monthly tarot

This is especially true for this month where a downturn in finances is expected. The Wheel says, it shall pass, you just need to tide it over but the Pentacle cards suggest that you can make it easier or even circumvent it by starting on a gratitude exercise right away.

The other message from the fives is to observe how you are when the chips are down – Do you withdraw? Do you get defensive? Do you get angry or irritable? These are just indicators that tell you how you are feeling. Once you acknowledge how you feel you can see the signs for what they are and you can manage them with ease.

Remember to reach out to people because help is within reach. Don’t let your ego get in the way of receiving help and support. Ask for help and accept what comes your way.

This is the life lessons and learning section so if you don’t learn the first time, it will come back over and over again until you do. If you are hesitant to ask – there is your learning, if you find it difficult to receive – there is your lesson. If you receive but feel small while doing so then the lesson is not learned. The learning here is to not only be comfortable in asking for help but doing so with grace and gratitude, without putting yourself down in any way.

What are the opportunities?

The ups and downs are brilliant opportunities to maintain a healthy balance between work and rest. The time to rest is also a good time to track progress and to change track if needed. When you pull back from the thick of things you may be able to see what needs to change. When you rest there is an opportunity to think new thoughts and birth new ideas, creativity needs quiet and nurturance. You may find yourself abed with a cold but that is just an opportunity for you to take that downtime to come back with a bang.

september 2019, tarot reading

It is also a good time to celebrate where you have reached. The importance of celebrating milestones cannot be stressed enough. It gives us a sense of achievement and rejuvenates us and others as well. While we are celebrating it gives us a chance to tell others about our progress and achievement as well. It may sound a bit like tooting your own horn but sometimes that is the very thing that is required. At work, it can be a team celebration for hitting a particular milestone and that can attract the attention of seniors or other departments. It is all about perspective and a reason for celebration is success and that’s how it will be perceived.

What are the challenges?

There seem to be challenges aplenty this month so keep in mind that the Wheel will turn while you face these. The Tower card represents a crumbling of false foundations and that is the key point here – it is a false foundation and the sooner it crumbles, the better it is. Imagine a ten-story building crumbling versus a single-story one. It may be that someone or something you were relying on will not come through for you and devastating as it may be, recognise that the sooner this is out in the open the better it is for you.

the tower tarot, september 2019 tarot reading

The challenge will be your mind which will go through all possible scenarios and wonder at the should-haves and could-haves. The reality is that things unfold as they are meant to and even if you had done something different the end result would have been the same. There are ups and downs predicted in the reading but we all know that some people will focus on just the downs and some on just the ups. Keep your mind upbeat not in a false positive sort of way but in knowing that the value of daylight comes at sunset and that the night also brings with it a multitude of gifts.

What is the advice?

Two beautiful cards come with some wonderful advice for the month. The Page of Pentacles comes with the message of new beginnings, new ideas and inspiration and the Knight of Cups with a message of listening to your intuition and moving forward towards what your heart wants.

september 2019 tarot reading

Take time to do both of these this month. There may be an opportunity for you to step out of your comfort zone and do something different – it could be work or it could be a hobby – and see where this takes you. It may mean the learning of new skill or exploring a hidden talent. The Page urges you to try something new and feel the excitement of the newness and the opening up of possibilities. The Knight complements the Page by asking you to chase your dreams instead of always doing something practical. To listen to what the heart yearns for and to take action instead of just thinking about it.

Open up to the idea that your interest or hobby or passion can be something more. It may have been okay for it to be at a passion level until now but listen to the calling, from the universe to turn this into something else. There is no hurry to get to the finish line yet but there is a need to start a project or give life to an idea. If you don’t take any action then the dream remains a dream and you want to make your dreams real, right?

In summary, expect some ups and downs this month and be sure to celebrate the ups when they happen. The downs will pass quickly enough so don’t stress too much and keep a lookout for the blessings that come along with tough times. Use the downtime to explore new creative opportunities and maybe even up your talents and skills. Remember to go with your gut and listen to what your heart wants.

Much love and have a wonderful September.


Maybe you had an idea or inspiration the last few days. Maybe you have made some plans about a project. The plans seem solid enough and there seems to be enough commitment from your end to see them through.

There is an ask from the cards today though – an ask to not limit yourself, to not be afraid to think bigger than you have, to have more expansion in your ideas and plans.

Your plans may reflect your current capacity but you will grow as you move along implementing it and there will be capacity to grow and expand your vision as well.

It’s not about having a flight of fantasy but to have enough stretch so that the project or plan can be at its full potential and at your full potential.

This week ask yourself this, with all that you do – is this expansive enough, does it have enough stretch, am I operating with limited beliefs.

There may also be an opportunity to travel this week and that in itself is an expansion.

Have a lovely week ❤

Something new.

The Ace of Pentacles heralds something new coming your way. Usually the pentacles relate to work and finances but it can also mean a new relationship or a new home. The Ace represents a seed that is planted so it may be a new idea that you can set into motion now or a house that you’ve just seen that will soon become your future home. The seed of productivity has been planted but how the seed grows – if it even grows or not – is entirely up to you.

A seemingly innocuous conversation could trigger an idea today, don’t ignore it as it may have possibilities. A new opportunity may come knocking at your door today, let it in. Someone may reach out to you as a start of a new friendship, explore it. You may choose to do nothing about it at a later date but for today, let it in and let it simmer for a while before making any decisions.

There is possibility of a promotion or increment coming your way today or just some money hitting the bank. If you were already thinking about a new career move, then today is a good day to flesh out the plan. If there is a seed of an idea in your mind or if you are in two minds about something then this is a big yes from the universe.

Overall the energy for today feels light and positive. Feels like a good time to go forth and do something productive today.

Chop Wood.

Today is the right day to roll up your sleeves and get down to getting some work done. Zen says chop wood, carry water… and while you are focusing on mundane tasks, spirit will get a chance to move mountains for you.

zen chop wood

It is good to have a goal and the passion to pursue it but sometimes you need to let go of the energy of pursuing and striving and just be for a while. Sometimes when you let go things start moving on their own accord. And the best way to let go of that energy is to shift it to another task. Taking your attention away from your goal puts you in a state of receptivity. Cook or weed out the garden, something which requires your attention for a while.

If you’ve been working on yourself or on your relationship, then give it a rest for a while. Know that all the work you have already put in is enough for now. Take a break and let the universe do the work for you today.

Have a super day ❤️

The chariot.

When the chariot appears in a reading, it is time to forge ahead, with an idea, a project or even a move. The chariot demands action, now is not the time to let things happen but the time to make things happen, to get to the next milestone in the journey.

The chariot does not promise smooth sailing, so there may be obstacles, there may be many nay-sayers to this path you are on, but the chariot does promise success of a spectacular nature. This is the card of beating the odds, of persevering, of conquering mountains, this is the card for challenges but will success at the end of it. If you are the kind of person who thrives on challenges then this is day it opens up for you. There is an invitation in the energy of this card today, a choice that you get to make, and it’s okay to choose this path and it’s ok to not.

The card has a black bull and a white bull, both pulling in opposite directions, and the charioteer is steering them in the direction she wants to go. The black and white represent opposites – our thoughts and our emotions, work and home, two different ideas. The message from the chariot is that both are important to complete this journey but must be reined in by the charioteer. You need to keep your focus on the goal and even as you take into account the disparate ideas and emotions, make them work towards your final goal. Manifestation happens when the heart and mind come into alignment. Maybe two different ideas can converge to make a awesome third one. You are the charioteer and you get to steer.

It’s time to tune into your sense of purpose, today or over then next few days. To have a idea of the direction you want to take. To make a decision to move forward. All these have to be done before you embark on the journey. The journey itself may take many moons, start with a single step today <3.

Come to the edge.

It’s quite the scariest thing, to come to the edge but also the most exhilarating. There are times when we need to conquer our fears and step into the unknown, to take that leap of faith trusting our wings will sprout on the way, and that we will soar higher than ever.

Come to the edge, colette baron reid

A big part of allowing yourself to soar is to come into your authentic self. To let go of the burdens of expectations, to discard the heaviness which comes from the fear of failure, to be true to who you are and what you want. Take that step today, make that call, announce that venture, take that risk because regret is much much worse than failure. Go in with the knowledge that the universe will make magic happen for you, all you need to do is persevere.

In relationship terms as well, know that’s it’s okay to show your true self to the other, to allow the other to have a peek into your vulnerability. It is scary but the rewards of being seen so close completely are totally worth it. All the protected parts of you, let them out. Ask for what you want, don’t couch it, don’t just go along with others. It will be all right.

Come to the edge this week. One step at a time. You can do it.

Much love.

Make magic.

What a perfect card to follow yesterday’s message!

The Magician is the ultimate manifestor, equipped with all that is needed to make dreams, aspirations and wishes come to fruition. If yesterday’s message was a call to reflect on the path towards your dreams, today’s message is to move forth with alacrity and focus on all that you have kept in planning or waiting.

The key to success is usually a good alignment of your inner world or your souls desires with your outer world and life as you live it. To ensure a greater alignment, you could spend some time distilling the “whys” of your aspirations. It’s always a good idea to check if dreams that have been long nursed are still as special and hold as much lure and promise, and if so, why.

Another way to look at this is that our inner worlds are the source of what is manifested in our outer world. The clearer our focus and intention or our desires, the greater the likelihood of success in making them happen. The thoughts we keep, the ideas we nurture and the attitudes we hold close have a huge influence on the way the world reflects and responds to us.

The Magician is here to let you know that theres no better time than now. You are perfectly poised to take that first definitive step towards this idea or potential plan you have been nurturing. You have the wisdom and resources, external support from well-wishers, adequate wherewithal and inner strength and also divine timing working in your favour. If you have been contemplating certain changes, or working towards a specific idea, whether at work or in life, this is your go-ahead to move to the next steps of action in making them happen. The world is your oyster and you are being invited to strike while the time is ripe for the taking.

June 2019

June looks like it will be an interesting month. There seems to be a duality riding through the month. There may be friction and alongside it seems to be compassion and mercy. There may be separateness but with it is a deep sense of connection. There may be a feeling of guilt but along with it, there will be an awareness of the shining light within. This is the energy of the month. In all of this, there is no sense of any of it being bad or negative. The sense is of this being how life is and what is the gift that emerges from tough situations. 

Friction or conflict may not necessarily mean a bad thing. The friction of two stones rubbing together makes fire. A difference of opinion can mean both parties thinking outside the box. When we struggle we find new solutions, new ways of doing things or doing completely new things. It is the same with people – sometimes we need a parting so we can come back together in a new and more connected way. The message here is to not be afraid of conflict and to not avoid it because something good can emerge from it. 

Quan yin, quan yin oracle, quan yin cards,

We all wish for peace and often we bury the conflict for the sake of peace. But peace doesn’t mean avoiding conflict or pretending that the struggle does not exist. Peace happens when we can step back from a situation and agree to disagree without any angst. Peace happens when we can be separate yet connected, which is being clear about your place and position and of the other’s so there is no disillusion or pretence, and yet there is respect for the other person and their position as well as your own. It is always better to bring up the friction areas when they are small and manageable rather than suppressing them to the point where they cannot be contained. 

It may be that you are away from home or your loved one is. Or you may decide to take a sabbatical from work. This can really work for both parties and some time apart gives you (and the other), space to grow and change. A little privacy when we are changing is always a good thing. 

Friction is usually accompanied by feelings of shame and guilt and there have been many posts in the past about these two. When you find yourself going down the spiral of guilt and shame, place your hand on your heart and start saying words of affirmation to yourself. Words like “I love you (your name), I will always love you, I forgive you, I am proud of you” and so on. Before you start though – be very clear with yourself that Guilt and Shame serve no purpose and they don’t need to be a part of your life. They are at best indicators for you to see what needs to be seen and loved by you, that is all. 

Sometimes we mistake feeling guilt and shame as a sign of spiritual conscience, it is however, a societal conscience not a spiritual one. Spirituality is about consciousness, of awareness and mindfulness, of listening to your heart not about what is considered to be right or wrong. Rumi says “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” That is where Spirit resides. Spirit doesn’t recognise right and wrong the way we do and we do a grave injustice to ourselves when we judge ourselves and shame ourselves for a perceived wrong. 

Mercy begins with ourselves. If we can be kind to ourselves it makes us capable of being kind to others. If we are unable to forgive ourselves we cannot hope to forgive others. No one can be as critical and as unkind to us as we can to ourselves. It starts at home and ask yourself what is the kind of home you want to live in and then set about creating that inner home for yourself. 

tarot   reading, raider waite tarot, daily tarot, june 2019 tarot, death card, king of wands

We start the first week of June with the Death card. It is one of the scary cards in the tarot deck and the most misinterpreted because of is imagery. I can’t say that a skeleton riding a horse is a pleasant image but the card heralds great change and change is the death of something and the birth of something new. Death is just a herald that one major part of your life is coming to an end and a new one will start soon. There is a door that needs to close so that a new one can open for you. It can be the death of a destructive habit, the end of bad times or struggles, or even a relationship that has run its course. It could be that an old version of you is giving way to a new version of you. We do tend to resist change even when we know that it is good for us so be gentle with yourself and allow yourself to feel sad for what is lost. But also know that with great endings start new beginnings. 

The death card by itself usually does not predict loss unless accompanied by a card signifying loss but if loss comes to you this week then my prayers are with you. 

The second week of June is a week of action, of pursuing your goals and desires and succeeding at them. The King of Wands invites you to take the leadership stance in pursuit of your dreams. You can leave the execution to others but be part of the strategizing. There is a possibility of a new opportunity or new project that you will be involved in. It has great possibility of success if you choose to lead it and put your passion and energy behind it. You are the deciding factor in this project so enter only if you feel passionate and committed to it. 

tarot   reading, raider waite tarot, daily tarot, june 2019 tarot, judgement tarot meaning

The third week of June is a week of enjoyment and celebration. It could be some good news at work which will give you a reason to celebrate. It could mean a reunion of friends or family which is a good reason to rejoice. It could be a birthday or a wedding or some such festivities. Be at the heart of this enjoyment, let your hair down and party away – you deserve it. 

In the last week of June expect some significant news which will put the past to rest for you. Whatever doubts or worries you may have had about your decisions and actions will be cleared at this time. The consequences of your actions will be plain for you to see and you will finally be able to move forward with a clear and decisive mind. The ending that started at the beginning of the month will finally be done in the best way possible. 

tarot   reading, raider waite tarot, daily tarot, june 2019 tarot, high priestess tarot card meaning, 3 of cups, three of cups

In Love & Relationships this month, listen to your intuition. If something feels off it probably is. This is not so much about suspicions but more about caring. If you feel that your partner is not all good, probe to see what the problem is and what you can do to help. If you get a sense that you should call home, then do so. It may be a little thing but listening to your intuition will ease up situations. 
In relationships, step back to look at the full picture. Things are not always black or white. Try to look at the full picture without taking sides and of course, trust your gut. 

At Work, speak up and be bold while discussing your ideas and concepts. Keep fear and discouragement aside and really put your energy behind your ideas. The time is right to stand up and shine and to put your belief in yourself. 

tarot   reading, raider waite tarot, daily tarot, june 2019 tarot, the moon tarot meaning, king of cups

Health-wise things may not be that good. It may come to your attention that you have been living with being slightly unwell for some time now. It may have been so slow and gradual that you don’t even know when it crept up on you. If there is something slightly off, eg a tummy upset for some time or a backache, or even insomnia, then it’s time to go to the doctor or healer to figure out what’s up. This is not for you to get stressed but to just get some healing done because you have not been paying attention to your body. 

At home, take a balanced and diplomatic approach to situations and people. You may find yourself reacting to incidents instead of responding to them. Deep breaths will come handy when dealing with the home front. 

In summary, there is potential for friction and conflict this month but don’t shy away from it. Just approach it with kindness and you will find yourself in a better place than before. Whatever changes the friction brings, it will be better for all parties concerned. Be gentle with yourself as you go through this transition. 

Much love. 


We all have moments of clarity, moments of purpose where you know from inside-out what you want and if you’ve noticed, right after that, the universe opens up so many paths and avenues to get you what you want.

Intent is Everything. To become a conscious creator it all starts with an intent, not just any intent, but true intent. To harness the power of intention it is really important to know what you want. It sounds easy enough but really, blessed are those who know what they really want. Most of the time we have these vague desires that sometimes peak and we think we’ll get behind it but then it fizzles out. I know I have plenty of those. Take your time to get to what you want – ask yourself, do I really want that or is it something beneath that I’m longing for? Are you focussing on the money to buy the car instead of focussing on the car?

True intent has a single-mindedness to it. Where it becomes the thing that everything else revolves around. And as the Gurus say – it must be a positive intent. It’s not about not-doing, getting rid of, quitting but about the outcome you want. That beautiful positive outcome that is truly your desire.

The next step is stating it loud and clear to the universe. Write it, say it out loud or draw it. Make a vision board if you want but don’t tuck away any of these. Let the statement be where you can see it every day. Let the vision board be your wallpaper. Let it fuel your desire each day. Let it occupy your thoughts and take a little energy from you until it gathers its own momentum. In practical terms, looking at it will remind you to do the little tasks that will bring you closer to your goal. It will spark some new thoughts and ideas and you will not let this one slip through the cracks.

You may have guessed by now that that’s what the universe is asking you to do. Time to stop floating and drifting and set a very clear intent for yourself (the floating-drifting is mostly for me :D). Get behind something, be it a personal goal or health or a material desire and state your intention clearly to the universe.

Blessings for clarity today ❤