Receiving. 9th Nov.

I love that this message comes a few days before Diwali. I have always thought that our relationship with Goddess Laxmi is somewhat complicated. We want to love her but allow ourselves only one day to fully embrace her. The rest of the days our love is compromised with feelings of guilt and undeservability. Today’sContinue reading “Receiving. 9th Nov.”

The Invitation. 7th Sept.

This week, there is an invitation from the divine feminine to come play in her depths. The Moon in its many aspects is the divine feminine – the waning and waxing and its fullness depict the maiden-mother-crone. Its pull at our emotions is the feminine aspect. Its gentleness and its many moods are the yinContinue reading “The Invitation. 7th Sept.”


My first card for this week and it’s such a beauty – in art and in message. The Moon Maiden comes with a blessing of abundance. Abundance is of course more than wealth and prosperity, it’s a feeling of being full, of having enough, of feeling limitless. It could be that many possibilities are openContinue reading “Abundance.”

April 2019 ~ Newness & Balance

I saw the cards for April and had a deja vu moment. It seems like April is going to continue the March messaging. How was March for you? Were there changes in your heart? Was there a shift in how you feel love, how you experience love? There was definitely some talk about forgiveness –Continue reading “April 2019 ~ Newness & Balance”

Message from the cow.

The cow is so revered in our culture because of its ability to give so abundantly. If you are ever starting a farm, it all starts with one cow and an entire eco-system can be generated with the help of only one cow. The cow comes to you with the message of receiving. It isContinue reading “Message from the cow.”

Earth goddess.

The Earth Goddess comes with the message of manifestation this week. Manifestation starts with a Wish. What you wish for creates a ripple in the universe and the universe conspires to make it happen by presenting opportunities in your path. I read this lovely take on wishes some time back – when you wish forContinue reading “Earth goddess.”

Today’s moon ritual.

This is what I’m thinking of doing today. Anytime after 10 pm feels like a good time. It’s a cardinal direction ritual and you can set up four points to represent the 4 directions. Place an object to represent North, East, West and South. A crystal will do nicely. Take some time to cleanse theContinue reading “Today’s moon ritual.”


This will be a full week and a satisfying one. You will do more of the things you want to do not the things you need to do. You will know what you seek and it will be in the line of sight. Sometimes it’s not about getting what you want but knowing what youContinue reading “Abundance.”

A blessing of words.

It is challenging at times to find the right words to express our feelings. The struggle is to say what we want to say without causing offence or harm, and in this struggle for balance we end up with a watered down version of what needs to be said, which causes confusion and misunderstanding. SometimesContinue reading “A blessing of words.”