Spirit of destruction.

Following from yesterday’s message of inviting in abundance, today’s card asks what needs to be destroyed so that something new can be created? To create abundance what limiting thoughts and beliefs need to be shafted? Destruction is not a bad thing if it is an organic natural movement and it reminds me of nature andContinue reading “Spirit of destruction.”

The raven.

Ravens have long been associated with mysticism, featuring as familiars and spirit animals in ancient texts. They are considered to be harbingers and said to be able to walk the line between this world and the other(s). When the raven appears, it is a powerful message for you, come from your ancestors and spirit guides,Continue reading “The raven.”

Message from the firefly.

There’s nothing as magical as seeing a firefly in the dark and you can’t help be filled with wonder and joy when you see one. If there is a magical creature that exists today it would have to be the firefly. The firefly is a reminder to us that magic exists and even in theContinue reading “Message from the firefly.”

Message from the ant.

Just as I was snapping the pic of the card an ant scurried onto the card. The message from the ant is exactly the message from the card. Don’t you just love it when that happens?!! The ants are known for their industry and co-working abilities and the message from the ant (and the card)Continue reading “Message from the ant.”

Connections & Communication.

The spider comes into our world to tell us about the importance of the web of connection in our lives.   The spider wants you to be more connected to existing connections and more open to new connections and communication is a big part of either forging new connections and deepening the old ones. BeContinue reading “Connections & Communication.”

Taking charge.

Hmmmm…. Seems like a follow up from yesterday’s message. It’s time to take charge of your goals and desires, even if it means that you need to convince others and take them along your path. Now is not the time to drift and float, it’s time to take decisive action. The lion is the kingContinue reading “Taking charge.”

Go with the flow.

It’s a good day to travel, especially if you are heading to a watery place. It is also a good day to flow into whatever you are doing rather than struggle through it. If you felt the effects of the moon changing phases, then you’ve already had a bad night and are operating at aContinue reading “Go with the flow.”

Message from the frog.

There are times when you have to close the outside mutterings and shut down the voice of reason and listen only to your heart, and take a leap of faith. The message from the frog is that this is Not one of those times. You may think you know enough but in this case thereContinue reading “Message from the frog.”

There are no mistakes.

There are no mistakes or accidents, only divine timing and synchronicity. The universe is always working to make our soul plan happen and when we deviate too far from our path, situations, events, circumstances, happen to align us back to our souls path. You may be wondering if anything will ever come together for youContinue reading “There are no mistakes.”