Message from the Turkey.

The Turkey is a symbol of blessings, abundance and of gratitude. For the Turkey, these – blessings, abundance and gratitude – are all interlinked and the Turkey would like you to spend some time seeing and acknowledging the interplay of all three in your life.

message from the turkey

Turkey encourages you to celebrate your blessings in the form of resources that nourish your physical, emotional and spiritual aspects and to remember to give thanks where it is due, whichever shape or form it takes. The Turkey is about family and friends sitting together and giving thanks, for each other and for the abundance they have received.

The message is to unlock the richness of your life and invite more blessings in by appreciating everything. It asks that you focus not only on the material but on the emotional and spiritual blessings you have received. It asks you to thank not only what you have received but also what you haven’t lost. It asks that you observe the relationship between giving and receiving for yourself.

Expect to receive some blessings and abundance today <3.

*I am on a break till 10th October and I have not managed the October reading so far. So… no monthly reading this month and I shall see you back here on the 10th.