The divine nectar.

The divine nectar is this endless supply of energy that exists in the universe. We all have our ways to tap into this energy – we run, we meditate, do yoga and energy work – so many things that we do unconsciously to replenish ourselves. It is possible to feel depleted though and even whenContinue reading “The divine nectar.”

Full moon in Taurus.

So, guess when the full moon in Taurus is?! Yup, today! And this is the card that got pulled out. I’m constantly delighted and amazed when synchronicity like this happens. It adds a sprinkling of magic to the day. The full moon in Taurus is a November moon and associated with a winding down ofContinue reading “Full moon in Taurus.”

You know what to do.

Back from my break and here’s a new deck. This one is Mike Dooley’s notes from the universe. I love his particular brand of Spirituality, light and fun and sometimes just so irreverent… It really speaks to me because it’s not always about love and light and all that’s nice but about accepting and acknowledgingContinue reading “You know what to do.”