Weekly Reading – 13th July

In the dance of life sometimes we move towards our purpose and sometimes away from it. This is the dance of life, the sometimes forward, sometimes backwards, sometimes sideways movement, because even when we are crystal clear about our purpose, the path is not a straight line and this shimmy and jiggy is part ofContinue reading “Weekly Reading – 13th July”

What you seek is seeking you

Whatever you are seeking will find its way to you today. If you’ve lost or misplaced something you will accidentally find it or you will have a flash of inspiration about where it might be. If it is answers you seek then look towards what is coming your way – maybe someone will come toContinue reading “What you seek is seeking you”


There is something about the turn of the year that brings with it a sense of fresh breath, a feeling of hope and an opening up of possibilities. The new year has its own energy and one can’t help but be swept into that sense of anticipation. For some reason the I have not beenContinue reading “2020”