Open your heart.

Today’s message is to keep open your heart no matter what the situation. You could start the day with a heart-opening exercise, it could be just breathing deeply from your chest and feeling or visualising your heart expanding, it could be just physically opening your arms wide and/or just eating an apple today. If youContinue reading “Open your heart.”


A bouquet represents a careful selection of flowers, put together as an expression of love, gratitude or support and solidarity in a difficult time. A bouquet is a symbol for relationships and brings a bright and happy message about the relationships in your life. It signals harmony, grace and beauty. For some this may beContinue reading “Bouquet.”

Rose Garden.

The Rose and the lotus are two flowers that both the spiritualists and poets wax eloquently about. The rose is known as the lotus of the west, because of the way it unfurls it’s petals to reveal its heart centre, and the rose is the definite symbol of love. Gardens are truly magical places, theyContinue reading “Rose Garden.”

March 2019

March energies seem to be a lot about the heart, of love and relationships, of opening up the heart to self and to others, of inclusion, of being separate yet connected. I’ve just come back from the incredible inner child healing workshop and a lot of what I saw there, I am seeing in theContinue reading “March 2019”

Today’s moon ritual.

This is what I’m thinking of doing today. Anytime after 10 pm feels like a good time. It’s a cardinal direction ritual and you can set up four points to represent the 4 directions. Place an object to represent North, East, West and South. A crystal will do nicely. Take some time to cleanse theContinue reading “Today’s moon ritual.”


With the high potency full moon in Jan, I was thinking about doing a ritual for the new moon and wondering what to invite in. And here it is, the perfect message for the new moon. Acceptance is receiving, taking what is given to you. Acceptance is saying yes. Acceptance is inclusion, not leaving anythingContinue reading “Acceptance.”


The element of water relates to our feelings and emotions. The tides, the moon all have an impact on our mood and it’s no wonder that we find the sound of waves so soothing. The width and depth of the ocean is how large and important our feelings are. We somehow learn to mask ourContinue reading “Emotions.”

Chill today.

It seems to be one of those slow lazy days today. Maybe some work will happen, maybe not but there is definitely a need for a wee bit of R&R and a dash of TLC. Try and do some self care stuff today. Either find some time and space to rest and relax at homeContinue reading “Chill today.”

Surrender to unconditional love.

Today’s message is a call for you to focus on the intimacy in your immediate relationships and friendships. It could be that there is an opportunity to have a heart-to-heart conversation to heal a particular relationship, or it could be that you become aware of your own judgement of someone that has caused you toContinue reading “Surrender to unconditional love.”

~ December Reading ~

It’s the last month of the year and that got me thinking about endings and beginnings, of what lessons this year brought and what to glean from all that happened. With all that in mind, I thought I would do this reading in 3 parts. The first part is ‘What you need to know?‘, whichContinue reading “~ December Reading ~”

Message from the firefly.

There’s nothing as magical as seeing a firefly in the dark and you can’t help be filled with wonder and joy when you see one. If there is a magical creature that exists today it would have to be the firefly. The firefly is a reminder to us that magic exists and even in theContinue reading “Message from the firefly.”


It’s so interesting how the meanings of words change depending on where you are in life and what you are doing there. The much younger version of me would have probably worn a Tee proclaiming No Surrender 😁. Now, for me, surrendering is allowing, surrendering is releasing, surrendering is putting down my burden, surrendering isContinue reading “Surrendering.”

Patterns & Karma.

Have you noticed some patterns in life that keep persisting on? You become aware of it and although it is challenging, you work at it and you think you’ve learnt the lesson and experienced the wisdom and then it comes back! The beautiful, compassionate Quan Yin, comes to you with this blessing of karmic healing.Continue reading “Patterns & Karma.”