June 2019

June looks like it will be an interesting month. There seems to be a duality riding through the month. There may be friction and alongside it seems to be compassion and mercy. There may be separateness but with it is a deep sense of connection. There may be a feeling of guilt but along withContinue reading “June 2019”

Ancestor of guidance.

If you find yourself echoing the footsteps of your ancestors, know that they are here to guide you into a new direction that is entirely yours. There is so much that we do subconsciously that mirrors what our forefathers did, even though we are not in the same circumstances. The last thing they would wantContinue reading “Ancestor of guidance.”


The element of water relates to our feelings and emotions. The tides, the moon all have an impact on our mood and it’s no wonder that we find the sound of waves so soothing. The width and depth of the ocean is how large and important our feelings are. We somehow learn to mask ourContinue reading “Emotions.”

Patterns & Karma.

Have you noticed some patterns in life that keep persisting on? You become aware of it and although it is challenging, you work at it and you think you’ve learnt the lesson and experienced the wisdom and then it comes back! The beautiful, compassionate Quan Yin, comes to you with this blessing of karmic healing.Continue reading “Patterns & Karma.”

These mountains you carry.

Today’s message is for you to consider delegating some of what you carry. You may want to do all of it or maybe you feel that no one will be able to help you or that it is only your responsibility. At times it may not even occur to you to ask for help. ExamineContinue reading “These mountains you carry.”

Spirit & Body.

Today’s message is to bring your attention to the body. Your body is a temple as it houses your spirit and deserves all the attention you can give it. You don’t need to be body obsessed or push yourself or judge, but you can honour your body as a sacred animal through which your soulContinue reading “Spirit & Body.”

September 18. Listen to your body.

The body is a brilliant diagnostic tool for all that we think and feel. It’s physical / material yet provides guidance in our spiritual lessons. Listen to your body. Where does it hurt? Where is the attention needed? Does it want rest? Does it want play? When does it feel distressed? What eases it? AContinue reading “September 18. Listen to your body.”