Artists Statement & Bio


Artist Statement :
There was once a little girl whose nose was buried in a fairy tale and her head was in the clouds with fantastical creatures. With Art making I find myself closer than ever to that little girl, where there is magic in the creation, where known and unknown creatures appear, where fantasy lands are seen. Every new artwork is an anticipation of what the canvas will choose to reveal. There’s a particular taste in the mouth when love, joy and passion collide. I love that taste.

I’ve always loved the abstract and I’ve always been interested in differences. I love it when dinner plates and serving bowls don’t match and when different flowers grow out of the same pot. I love curvy and jagged lines because it feels like they’re leading somewhere different. I love the worn-out, distressed look because it’s so interesting to see glimpses of the journey to the present. I love the strange shapes that emerge because the more they appear the less strange they are.
Artist Bio : Darpan is a well-travelled Army brat who has made Goa her forever home. She is an abstract Artist and Therapist. Her art is conceptual, non-linear and has subtle undertones. Often inspired, there are layers of deep meaning within. Her art foundations and fundamentals are courtesy Nicholas Wilton and the Art2life Academy he runs.
She has displayed her work across the virtual and real-world beginning with her debut at the prestigious Prince of Wales Museum in Mumbai. She has been featured in numerous editorial write-ups and was chosen by Art278 magazine as one of 50 Women Artists of the World.

Art278’s Women In Art

I can be found on Instagram at www.instagram/darpan_kaur  and at If you’d like to contact me for a purchase or to commission an art piece please click here.

Thank you for walking along with me on this exciting journey!

Much love,

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