December 2020.

December comes with a sigh of relief, a desire to shed this invisible burden we have carried for so long, to just loosen up a little. If you have big plans for action at work or to even have some party action – do reconsider, as the cards call for some quiet time. But first, there is a need for some acknowledgement – to recognise it has been a tough year, it has been a lonely year, it has been a fearful year, and it has been far too long. The introspection also calls for us to perceive the gifts we have received but that comes later. First, it is important to have that rant with the universe. You can continue to be strong and brave, expressing what was tough for you need not take away from it. The end of the year is always a good time to take stock of things and it’s lovely to have all your blessings in that list but it is a disservice to not include the hurts and pains as well.

The Hermit is the main card for the month of December and it asks you to spend some time in introspection. The Hermit is not a bechara type of guy, he is the guy who has ascended the mountain. He’s been there, done that, bought himself the tshirt and is now taking time out to evaluate his next move. Nothing in the Hermit implies that there has been any wrong move or distress in his past. It’s a move of mastery to take this time out, to see how far you have come, to see the circumstances that brought you here and to know how you feel at this point in time. After all of this is done, comes the time to count your blessings. The end of the year is the perfect time for gratitude which is why Thanksgiving happens around this time.

The 5 of Pentacles does signify a time of hardship and strife but there is a big glowing light right upfront which says that the hardship was needed to get to the bright light. it is also a reminder to not be so focussed on the hardship that you miss the sanctuary right in front of you.

The last card is a spiritual message which is going to make you raise your brows. This one says that you may need to use some shortcuts to get what you want ie. ghee koh nikalne ke liye ungli tedi karni padegi :). Maybe you will be in a spot where your conscience will raise some questions for you. Maybe you will feel like what you are doing is manipulative or not exactly above board. In this case, follow the letter of the law and not the spirit. Don’t do anything illegal for sure but bend a little on your ideals and conscience for the greater good – yours or someone else’s.

It should be a chilled out month with low action and low demands. Strive to keep it that way is what the cards are saying.

I shall be chilling out too now for a month or so. I am available for personal readings and bookings are open for the personal annual reading for 2021. That’s a longish reading, takes about two hours. This one will start with the lessons and gifts of 2020 :).

See you next year and have a lovely December ❤

November 2020.

It’s November already! A part of me can’t wait for this year to end!

I’ve taken a longer break than I intended, thank you for checking up on me – all is well with me, just needed some time out and I’m happy to be back all perky and refreshed.

November is a number 11 month and that is a master number in itself and also adds to a 2. Both have relevance to the year 2020, as 22 is a master number and the 2’s are there as well. I love the 2’s usually, it’s my birth number and in Tarot terms, the number of the High Priestess, there is a sense of uncertainty and nervousness though this time as I wonder what other lessons need to be learnt (the master numbers always come with life lessons). I’m not going down the doom and gloom route though, whatever lessons need learning will be learnt and we will all find the hidden blessings and receive all the gifts this situation is bringing us. It is good though to be aware that circumstances and situations are not a punishment and the universe is not out to get us, instead it is working to get us to a newer, better place. We just need to walk certain paths in order to get there. The path could be full of obstacles, maybe a change in direction is called for, maybe it’s something to walk alone and maybe it’s shadowed. Whatever it was for you, trust that it is leading you somewhere good, somewhere you need to be. Trust your intuition more than ever, this month and take time to check inwards before you make any movements.

There are pretty great cards for this month with an overarching Moon card. Combined with the High priestess energy this could mean that things may not be what they seem or there is some obfuscation and you may need to look through the fog to see clearly. Trust your senses and see through your inner eye.

You will be victorious in your endeavours and there will be abundance and contentment even though it may not be immediately apparent. Sometimes we win when we lose. Think about an auction where you lose the bid for an art piece and then later find out that it was worth less. And a penny saved is a penny earned. Keep both things in mind and it will be easier to see through the illusion.

The Moon always makes an appearance when some big Moon shifts happen. It was a blue moon this time and Samhain too. Samhain is about endings but the celebration of endings and the bringing in of new things. It is about honouring our dead as well and giving them the right place in our lives. If someone who has passed over the veil is on your mind then do light a candle and maybe even have a conversation. Or just light a candle for all your ancestors honouring them and seek their blessings.

The Moon may make you moody, don’t dismiss it though and honour that moodiness in you as well.

The Moon is also considered to be beautiful – flaws and all. That is something to introspect upon. The Sun shines brighter but has the capacity to burn you but the moon is gentler and even though not as bright it is enough to see in the dark. It doesn’t matter if it is reflected light or inner light, it’s just light. Just think about this in relation to yourself – with your flaws, your shadows and your dark side – you are still beautiful, still essential, still needed and still wanted.

There will be some new opportunities coming your way this month. Sometimes though you need to let something go in order to allow something else to enter. Try to not hold on too tightly to something that has reached the end of it’s cycle. You will know what it is when the time comes thanks to the energy of the high priestess. Let it go and let something new enter.

This is essentially the message of the month, that things may not be what they seem and you need your inner eye to navigate this month. If something undesired happens, take a moment to see through the possibilities it opens up for you and the gifts it brings. Be wary of the illusion of darkness as it is just the road to light.

Have a lovely November.

September 2020.

There’s something magical about the month of September. It’s the turn of the season and for us, the festival season starts around this time. We have already welcomed Ganesha and the 9 Goddesses will follow soon enough. The September moon is called the Harvest Moon and that’s the beauty of this month that even though it is the 9th month of the year and 9 symbolizes endings, the endings here are of the tough times or a culmination of all the hard work and the beginning of celebrations. Fingers crossed that this September brings a nice close of Covid!

september 2020 tarot reading

True to the energy of the month the cards also talk about a culmination – like the end of courtship that leads to marriage. You may have been working hard the last few months and now, this month you will be able to harvest what you have planted and tended to all this while. Maybe it’s a project that will see it’s launch this month or a deal which will finally go through. Maybe it’s self-work that you’ve been doing and you will find the shifts that you were waiting for are finally showing up. Maybe it’s a literal marriage proposal or marriage itself.

The full moon is happening just a couple of days into September and it may be a good idea to seek the Harvest Moon blessings so early on in the Month. The last Visarjan is also on the 2nd so it’s especially auspicious.

The ask from the month is to focus on celebration – not just the festivals but also the small, everyday things. Celebrate yourself and those around you. Celebrate your success as well as your milestones. Celebrate how far you have come. Celebrate your body and your spirit. if you’re cooking, make the meal your celebration. If you’ve signed on a new client or business celebrate that. If you’ve finished a course celebrate that. The universe promises that there will be reason for celebration and you can help things along by aligning to that energy even before it happens.

The watch out for this month is the ego. The Devil is our ego that whispers words of discouragement into our ears. The ego tells us that we are not good enough and compares us to others. The ego tells us we will fail and we will fall. We see people with giant size ego’s and we think that person must be so confident. The reverse is true actually because the person is over-compensating for the lack they feel. If you find the whispers in your mind remind yourself that falling is the only way to learn to walk and failure is the best guide we could ever have.

The cards are saying that you have what it takes and that you are good enough so go ahead and undertake whatever you want. There is a high chance of success and if not there is a definite chance to grow. Also keep in mind that sometimes when you fall, you find some pennies on the ground. Keep a sense of this with you this month and instead of being disheartened look for the hidden blessings.

This week, you may feel ungrounded or thrown off your stride. Maybe a tummy bug or feeling stressed or overworked? Do some grounding exercises as a preventive and/or cure. Deep breaths with connection to the ground or a grounding meditation. You could play with your plants and touch the soil, any of these will help you find your centre. Keep in mind that we often think that we are losing connection to the divine or to the other when in fact we need to go within and connect with ourselves. Don’t struggle and swim against the tide this week, just rest it out.

Have a lovely week.

August Reading

There seems to be some movement in the cards for August with a new opportunity taking centre stage. It could be a new job opportunity, a new client or new business or it could even mean a new house or property. Something material or financial that will open up this month. If that something opens up for you and if you are wondering if you should take up that opportunity, know that it is the right fit for you. It is something that will utilize and enhance your talents and skills. The Ace of Coins is the luckiest card in the deck so if you are feeling hesitant or scared to take that step, know that luck is on your side :).

Maybe you’ve been feeling anxious on and off for a while now and that is as much a product of the times we are in and something that life will throw at us every now and then. This too shall pass because the sentiment outside is changing and so is the energy. With the rain comes a promise of rebirth and rebooting and a knowing that it is only a matter of time that things will change. Most predictions of normalcy returning are for September to November and that does coincide will the monsoon retreating. The rain brings with it the energy of washing away, of being squeaky clean and this may be a good opportunity to clean up your insides as well – a khichdi cleanse if your body is out of sorts and a meditative cleanse if your spirit needs it.

While you are debating the pros and cons of the opportunity that comes your way – keep in mind that sometimes opposites attract and the whole point of a union is to learn and grow. If you and the other are the same then how will the growth ever happen? Look for the differences and the scope of expansion and maybe step outside your comfort zone as well. This is true of relationships as well. Encourage friendships or partnerships where there is difference and see what new thing is created from it. Be open and willing to learn because this year is all about the learning and it is something which infuses life into any situation. It could also be that you have done some training of sorts last week and it is literally paying off this month. Feel good about your growth but also don’t rest on your laurels yet because there scope to hone your talent a little bit more.

If the stress and anxiety gets on the high side do seek help because none of us can do all things alone all the time and it’s the bravest thing you can do. Placing your hand on the part of your body where you are feeling the stress also helps – just give it 10-15 mins, not just a few.

This month the Karmic Wheel will turn and you may find that there is a shift of some sort. As the Wheel of Fortune card is sitting right below the stress card, I’m thinking that there will be a heightening of the stress before you relieve it for good. Sometimes we need to go into the depths of something in order to release it. The turning though is for other things as well and you may find a levelling up overall. It’s good to pause and acknowledge when you go up a level so be conscious of it and remember to give yourself a pat in the back for it.

I’m not doing a separate reading for the week as some of this should start this week itself :).

The coming weekend, on 8th Aug, I am doing the Volume I of the Manifesting Abundance series. It’s a short 1hr+ workshop for 500/- and the plan is to do many different exercises for manifesting abundance. It’s a come and go type of workshop so not essential to attend all. I’ll send out more details tomorrow.

July Message

There are three parts to the message for July and then a tidbit about this week. The three parts are – the message for the material, the emotional and the spiritual.

July corresponds to the number seven in numerology and combined with this year it adds up to the number eleven. The number 7 is the most spiritual of numbers and is also the most challenging of numbers. Combined with the master number 11, we can expect this month to be a spiritually challenging time. It is possible too that this month it may feel like the heart and mind are pulled in different directions. The thing to remember is that it is the mind that needs to be mastered and heart that needs to be soothed. Don’t ignore either as true mastery is when the heart and mind are aligned and your intent is clear and that is when everything falls into place.

Physically you may find that July is causing you a few sleepless nights. The Lunar eclipse has a tendency to cloud emotions and you may feel like you are unsure about how you really feel. This particular full moon is meant to illuminate the conflict between your roots and the direction you want to go. There is something that is in-between where you have come from and where you want to go and it is time to shed some light on it. It may be a question of loyalty or a question of trust or maybe something else – sometimes we want certain things but if it takes us away from our family and friends we may choose to stay where we are instead of pursuing our dreams. Dig deeper into your past so that you can clear up the barrier to your future. Use the energy of the moon to release what no longer serves you (the full moon energy works for a couple of nights before and after).

Emotionally you may find that a reunion or something from the past has triggered a bigger emotional response from you than what you expected. You may again find that your thoughts and feelings differ regarding the person or situation. Rationally you may think that the person is not worth your time but the heart may want what it wants. or could be the other way around. As always pay attention to what your heart wants and compare it to what your mind says and you may find that there are holes in the logic of the mind. The cards urge you to open up your mind and look with a new perspective.

Spiritually you may find that you have come back full circle to the things you may have started your spiritual journey with. Or it could be some things that you thought you had resolved have flared back up. The cards want you to know that in our spiritual journey and healing journey we keep coming back to the same place over and over again. The same place though is not really the same place because you have done a whole cycle of learning and healing and now it’s time for Level2 of the same issue or experience. It may feel similar but if you look closely you will see that it is not the same because you are not the same. You now have more in your arsenal and you certainly have more experience now so don’t lament the repetition, instead gird your loins and jump into this next level of healing.

The coming week should be a good one as the Sun is in ascendence and you may find yourself feeling more uplifted as compared to last week. Some good news or happy thoughts will keep you cheerful this week and you will certainly find yourself more energised and inspired. Ride the energy especially towards the latter part of the week and you will be rewarded for it. Do try and get some Sun this week as well, all that lovely solar energy will keep you healthy and energised and also provide a nice balance to the emotional lunar energy.

Have a lovely week.

March 2020

March seems to be ruled by Feminine energy and the Suit of Wands. The suit of wands is associated with the fire element. Fire is hot, wild, unpredictable, and energetic – so, passion, creativity and action will be in the forefront this month. Keep in mind though that fire, like all the elements, can be creative, like helping us to cook food or provide warmth, or it can be destructive, like a house fire. Yin energy is also creative energy buts runs to the passive side. Expect a lot of creation and creativity in March, alternately, try to be more creative in your approach in March. It can mean tuning in to your creative side or indulging in creative efforts or it can mean finding a creative approach to deal with things that crop up. The Wands also come with the energy of action and of doing so you may find yourself in the thick of the action. It may be social or it may be work-related but it is good energy and it will be fed by you as well as feed you. Ride this wave of energy because it will lead you to a good place.

You may find more clarity with your purpose as well as fire also sheds light. A part of this is to do with people. In our journey, we encounter fellow travellers, some of whom spark a resonance in us – the journey is always lighter when taken with people who are similar or who are discovering similar things. It is also a source of comfort and validation that we are going the right way. There are some parts of the journey though that we may need to traverse alone. This is when there is a lift up or a level up – think of it as going up a ladder in the snakes and ladders game – and suddenly you find that your fellow travellers have taken a different path or are much behind and you are mostly on your own. Which is not to say that they won’t find a different ladder up ahead or that you won’t meet them again but now, at this moment, you are mostly on your own. This alone-walking is a really important part of your journey, here there is no validation that the path is right and there may be no companionship, here you have to listen hard to your inner voice which is telling you this is the right road, here you need to march to your own beat. If you are lucky you may have one person which you – this could be a friend or mentor, maybe someone you don’t personally know but you may find yourself drawing strength and belief from this person. Take what you need but do walk this road. Don’t look towards others because now is not the time for you to wait. Trust your inner voice and take the step towards where it is leading you, even when you know you will be walking alone. There is a whole new world waiting for you on the other side.

The first half of the month may not see as much of the promised movement but it is an important time to gauge what movement is right and possible for you. There may be an urge to take action – resist that urge unless you are really feeling it from deep within. Sometimes we get excited when we see others moving and we jump in even if it is not the right time for us. There is an ask to study the resistance you face. Resistance can mean that you need more study and development or it can simply mean that the time is not right. Resist the fear of missing out because you are not missing out on anything. Honour the spirit of resistance and consider your choices and actions with respect to your available time, energy and resources. Also, think through the consequences of your hurried action. It is better to do the due diligence before than to attempt to unravel things later.

The latter part of the month will make you meet people and also make you re-evaluate the people in your life. In this journey, you may find that those you considered allies may not turn out to be so and those you considered enemies are the ones that are responsible for your greatest spiritual growth. All the people we meet are part of our soul contract and some walk with us part of the way, if we are lucky we may have one that accompanies us most of the way, and then there are those who just push us in the right direction. All are important and all are part of our soul group. You are asked to look at people in your life through this lens and you will find your perspective change.

In the course of the month, you may need to remind yourself that you did sign up for this – this life, with all its ups and downs. This is what your soul came here to experience. Fire is also the energy of destruction and there may be things that need to be eliminated so that you can be on the right track to your path. It could mean a relationship, beautiful as it may be, that is making you deviate from your path or a job that is taking you nowhere. Trust that all that is destroyed this month is for your greatest good and it will lead you to someplace wonderful.

Have a lovely March ❤

02 2020

How interesting is February?! A 02 month in a 2020 year and 2nd Feb was what is called a Palindrome Day, a day where the date reads the same backwards and forwards. This makes me wonder what you were doing on the 2nd of Feb? Whatever it was, it is not a coincidence but divine synchronicity. Pay attention to what transpired that day and you will know the path to your destiny. It may not just be the one thing but a series of small and seemingly unrelated things that will connect later.

February and November will be important months this year. Feb especially will mirror what the year is and will be for you, and this is the month when really important steps will be taken. Not necessarily big steps but really important ones. The ones that will set the course for the next phase in your life.

In Feb, you may feel that you are standing on the brink, ahead is the vast horizon of the unknown and even as you stretch towards that new life, there is trepidation, because there is safety in the known. It is important to not disregard the fear and it is important to acknowledge that there is a part of you that is quite content with where you are. Life, of course, has other plans for you and there is a movement that has to be made at this point in time. Life is calling you for your tryst with destiny and it is entirely up to you how you answer that call. You can go willingly or you can go reluctantly or you can even choose to not answer the call now and instead wait for the next such wave that happens. We have free will and we always have a choice. Whatever you choose, do so with full awareness because every choice has consequences.

In the first half of the month, you may find that you are perceiving yourself differently. There may be some new insights that you get about yourself and you may realise that some opinions about yourself may not really be true. The process of change can sometimes be challenging and the inner process even more so. You again have the choice to either go down the self-flagellation route or just be grateful that you can see things clearly now and be an active participant in the internal growth. You don’t have to fake positivity but you don’t need to drown in the disappointment either. Some illusions you have held about yourself will shatter but this shattering is only for your betterment. It is so that you can see clearly and make necessary corrections.

Be aware of the timing, somewhere between to slow and too fast is the perfect time for you. Don’t wait around for things to happen but don’t be in a rush to make them happen either. Take the lay of the land and chart a course before you start heading out.

The latter half of the month to the end of the month will be a time when the wheel of fortune will turn in your favour. It is certainly not the end of the road but it definitely is a milestone and it really deserves a celebration. Look at how far you have come, taking small steps and give yourself a well-deserved pat in the back. The next month will bring its own challenges but this, what you have achieved, in one short month is amazing. See it for what it is and don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s.

Think of this month as a practice run for the year. What you learn here will serve you well going forward. You may adjust speed and distance depending on your experience this month.

Have an awesome February ❤

Jan 2020

One thing I forgot to touch upon in the Annual reading is that we use the phrase 20-20 in common parlance to describe perfect vision so in 2020, expect to see things clearly, expect your perspective to change (for the better), and maybe even expect your eyesight to get better.

In January, you will have this clarity in the form of a blessing of foresight. Often we take action impulsively or make decisions based on the status quo without thinking about the thread of possibilities that emerge from every moment. As I write this, I have my parents voice in my head saying “why don’t you think through stuff?” and in my defence, they never really explained this process of thinking through things. Each of us will have a different process and the first message for this month is to observe your process of thinking through things. What and how is the process for you? Do you do this thinking-through subconsciously (like sleeping on it overnight) or consciously? Do you look for signs from the universe or do you do your research well? Just witness the process and you will find that you have the ability to see two steps ahead. The universe constantly sends us directions for our path, these could be in the form of numbers, animals, colours etc, so watch for the signs this month.

Being 2020, a lot of this clarity will be about your life purpose as well. Clarity begins with the mind and then the clear intent goes out into the universe where something is birthed and soon manifests. A new thought, a new idea, a new habit, a new way of being, seemingly small can put you on the path to something big. An hour-long art class taken on a whim can set you on the path to becoming an artist. Years later when you look back on this month, that moment, you will recognise the wonder and synchronicity of the universe which set you on this path and all it took was a thought, a whim. There is something that is ready to be birthed this month so follow your fancies and your whims, you don’t need to force yourself to do anything you don’t want to but if there is a desire to explore something new, follow that desire.

The other message for Jan is to witness how you handle conflict. Sometimes we try and avoid conflict till we can’t anymore and then it explodes in our face and sometimes we seek it even when it is not there. It’s not one type or another, both exist within us, we just do more of one versus the other. The first step to any process is to witness it so the cards ask you to observe your relationship with conflict. Is your avoidance so high that you compromise yourself so much till it can’t help but explode? When is the time that you should have spoken up? At what point does it become too late? Do you displace the feeling – be mad at one person and take it out on another? A lot emerges from just seeing your own pattern and actions and you can take some baby steps to deal with conflict differently.

The first ten days of Jan belong to the High Priestess and as it is more or less her year, she is making her presence felt right in the beginning and I suspect that her energy will be felt through the year. The first part of the month will be about taking off the blinkers and seeing clearly. Half the time we don’t even know that we have blinkers on (that, of course, is the purpose of blinkers) and sometimes we need an external resource to point us in the direction that we are not able to see. If you find yourself taken aback by something that someone says, especially if it’s not something that you thought about yourself, then take a moment to reflect if this is cutting through your blinkers. The High Priestess always urges you to look within because she knows that all the answers we seek are within us. Use the external to give you direction and insight and then turn inwards and delve within. The High Priestess has also mastered duality and this is especially helpful when it comes to situations of conflict. When we recognise that there is no other, only our creation of the other, things become so much clearer to us.

Mid Jan is a good time for work and career and you will find smooth sailing in many projects and in financials as well. The Magician is a master manifestor and his reminder to us is that just as we manifest all the good things around us, we also manifest the not-so-good. If we believe that the world is a safe, supportive happy place then that is what we encounter when we step into the world. But if we expect betrayal and suspicion then that is what we face as well. No one can be all positive or all negative all the time and neither is the world, there is a lot wrong and there is a lot right with it. There are lovely people and not-so-nice people. It is up to us to choose how much of our headspace we give to the nicer aspects and how much time we spend dwelling on all that is not right with the world because whichever we spend more time on is what we will manifest more of. Don’t look at the gift horse in the mouth this Jan and accept the good fortune that is coming your way.

Jan will end at a super positive note with new pathways opening up for you. The World will be your oyster. It is a great time to firm up plans and complete projects. This is the time that things will just fall together and you will find that you are fortuitously in the right place, at the right time. Don’t forget to pat yourself in the back and breathe in what you have achieved and accomplished before starting on the next project. Don’t forget to scatter gratitude wherever it is due.

It is possible that you will need to travel around this time. This is not just any travel but significant travel. It can mean meeting someone significant, it can be going to an important meeting or it can be the place which is important for you. Keep your appointment with destiny if travel is in the cards for you around this time.

If you have been following this blog for a while then you will know that in this Jan reading, there was a Major Arcana card every week, which means that this is a rather significant month of this year. This many Major Arcana cards also imply great change, especially at the spiritual level. Looks to be an interesting first month in a really interesting year. I would be curious to hear how it goes for you and I wonder if you would be keen to track this month for yourself?

Have an awesome Jan!

PS: The daily readings start from Monday


There is something about the turn of the year that brings with it a sense of fresh breath, a feeling of hope and an opening up of possibilities. The new year has its own energy and one can’t help but be swept into that sense of anticipation. For some reason the I have not been paying attention to the fact that 2020 is a rather significant number and that it is not only the turn of the year but also a new decade. I guess I was so involved with 2019 that it took all my attention – and I wonder how 2019 felt to you? It was an interesting year for sure, one of those that can’t be pinned down with an easy description. It feels like so much happened and yet it felt like nothing was happening, in parts it felt like it was breezing by and at other times it felt like it was endless. So, how was it for you?

2019 taught us all to keenly feel the space between what is and what is to be, we learnt to respect and value this gap, we understood patience and divine timing. 2019 also allowed us to introspect, rather made us introspect and again, to value the nature of introspection, to find that as we connect more and more within, our outer relationships deepen and strengthen. The Hanged Man does tend to make us look at things upside-down and inside-out and I am thinking that it really was the case because so many of my perspectives have changed (outwardly and towards myself) and I can see that change reflected in others as well. Here is last year’s reading in case you want to introspect some more about last year :).

Back to 2020. Numerologically 2020 is a rather significant year and probably a significant decade too as the number two gets repeated and repeated numbers always have a higher impact in our lives. There is a rhythm and flow in the repeating of numbers and at some level, we all recognise the magic of these repeating numbers. In numerology and in mysticism, the Number 22 is considered to be a master number (11, 22, 33 etc are considered master numbers and not shortened). In Tarot terms, there is no number twenty-two as the deck ends at twenty-one and it could be said that the number twenty-two simply means that we start all over again with The Fool (my favourite card in the deck, btw). Or, we just add and shorten it to get to a number below 21. So this year there are a lot of numbers at play, there is the 22, which is a master number, there is 2 which represents the High Priestess in Tarot, there is 4 (2+2), which represents the Emperor in Tarot and then there is the Fool (the year itself has two zero’s so that can’t be ignored either).

With all these numbers, I’m wondering if the first message for the year is to pay attention to the numbers in your life, especially the repeating ones. Our house number, the car number and even our phone number are usually connected to our life path or personality numbers and it may be a good idea to have a look at the connections between all the numbers and see what messages come to you. Also overall just pay attention to repeated numbers, each one has a significance and a different message. Here is the site that I feel has the best interpretations.

Coming back to the significant numbers for this year, the 22 is a highly spiritual number and it is connected to your life purpose. It will cause a realignment and shift within so that we reorient ourselves to the direction of our destiny. A realignment because life happens to all of us and we tend to meander away from our path. The meandering is also important though because there may be skills to learn or experiences that we need so that we can traverse on the road we are meant to. Nothing is lost in this meandering, only gained and now the universe is gently turning us back to where we need to be.

The High Priestess (2) is a woman who has come into her own with mastery over her own dual nature, she is highly intuitive and connected within and without. The Emperor (4) is a highly stable and solid figure who has mastery over the material and finances. The Fool (0) is a new-born babe who steps into the world with complete faith. The message from all these combined is that you are stepping into the year like a re-born, it is the beginning of the next part of your journey so there is a lot of newness and you will see the wonder of this next phase but you are not unprepared for it. You have mastered some life skills and learned many life lessons and you have that as a foundation for your next steps. It is with this strength and backing you are embarking on a new journey, you have enough with you that this can be a really enjoyable experience. There may be things along the way that you may need to deal with but you have all the resources to able to do it with ease. Trust the direction that life leads you to this year.

This year is the start of the journey and for some, the start happened a few weeks back. All the skills and experience that was picked up last year is now the foundation in which you are standing today. This is what will allow you to take the first few steps. This is just the beginning, this entire year will be just the beginning, so don’t be in any rush. These are just the first few steps in the right direction. A place where you will build your base and start operations.

There is newness and there is stability, there is unknowingness of what the future holds and there is a knowing that you are headed in the right direction, there are spiritual lessons to learn and there is an acceptance that having the material sorted is making spirituality easier. There is a stepping into duality yet seeing the connectedness and harmony in it.

The first part of the year is just an invitation to show up – to just come as you are. There is nothing to do but to see and listen and just be. There is no cause to action, no need to do. It is about stepping in and taking the lay of the land. The blinkers are off now and you will be able to see clearly. Just see where you are headed, what looks appealing, what are the possibilities that are opening up for you. Think about this time as a time for assimilation rather than a time for action. You will be aware of an opening up but don’t be ready to jump up and start running instead allow yourself to be gently drawn into the change.

There is new love energy in the first part of the year. This can mean a new relationship, a new friendship or a new passion. Follow your heart into wherever it wants to go. You may find a sudden interest in something that you were never interested in earlier – something creative, maybe a new hobby. It could also be a time for refreshing an existing relationship and experiencing a newness in love and the way that love is expressed around you.

In work or career, the beginning of the year may not be the best time for you. You may experience some turbulence in this area of your life. Remember though that this year will make you examine your life purpose so if your work is getting in the way of your life purpose then it is natural to expect rough weather here. The advice from the cards is to not take any action here but just tide over these months. Leave the action-taking to the universe and then respond accordingly (respond and not react). A balanced and temperate approach will be best at this time especially regarding work. If you are poised to enter into a new workplace or new business or project, don’t be disheartened if things don’t get into a flying start. This is the time to dip your toes in and to test the waters rather than try to jumpstart anything. Take a few baby steps and get a sense of what works for you and what doesn’t. There will be time enough to get to the big league.

The Middle of the year is the time for making things happen, of action, of doing. You will find yourself making contact and connections with people, maybe there will be an opportunity to connect with a larger body of people, like a workshop or a public forum. You will find yourself hard at work and thoroughly enjoying it. This is true of relationships as well as work. There will be a need to put in some extra effort and attention into steering things to where you want them. In relationships, if you feel that there could be more romance or more connection, don’t leave it to the other but make it happen yourself. Take the onus to bring in what you want into the relationship. It’s not so much talking about things but bringing in those aspects of yourself. Similarly for friendship, if you feel the absence of a friend then reach out and make yourself present, either in the same or new friendship.

At work, you may feel frustrated that there is all this talk about life purpose but nothing seems to be changing for you and you may be tempted to upchuck your job and walk away. Resist the temptation to that because it is possible that your life purpose has nothing to do with what earns you an income. If your purpose is to do with children or animals that need your help, then your job is an enabler for that life purpose. When you find that purpose, when it is clear, it soothes your soul and then the rest becomes easy. Now it may be that things don’t work out at all and you are forced to leave, in which case it is a clear direction from the universe.

Keep in mind that this entire year is about the beginning of something new. You are still becoming and there are glimpses of who you will finally become but it will take all of this year for this becoming. A year may feel like a long time but in this case, the transition will be smooth and safe, it will be subtle and effortless, and you will glide through it with clarity and purpose. Remember to not get distracted by what you had and who you were, keep your eyes pointed ahead and don’t look back too much. What was, was but it is no longer that and never will be again, even if you could go back in time. Better to look forward and not behind because looking behind is sure to trip you.

The last few months of the year will make things so much clearer to you. You will notice your beautiful new wings which are just about unfurling and everything will make sense to you. This is where you will get an idea and inkling to your life purpose. It need not be a straight as an arrow insight but a clear direction will emerge. This is when you begin to dance with the divine and match step with the rhythm of the universe. You will realise that suddenly you are in the right place, at the right time with the right people. The clocks will always be in synchronicity with you and you will just know.

Often when we start hearing this divine music we feel that we should do more, be more. We feel that we should be more Buddha-like and pursue the higher-callings. Don’t fall into that trap, there is no higher calling than your life purpose. If your purpose is to paint, for example, it doesn’t mean that it should be spiritual art, it doesn’t mean that you will find success and recognition as an artist, it doesn’t mean that you must be zen-like (you know about temperamental artists right!), it means nothing else but that when you paint your soul feels alive and soothed at the same time. That’s all there is to life purpose, nothing more than that. And when you find it and step into it, you dance in tune with the rhythm of the universe. That’s why lights become green and clocks synchronise. There is nothing more to do then, nothing more to be.

The Devil then tempts us by saying “Oh, you should be nicer, you could be better, look at Mother Teresa and look at you.. and so on”. Then, by trying to be someone that we are not, we start missing steps to the beat of the universe. Big or small, your purpose is your purpose and you need to own it and embrace it and live it and that is it! You don’t have to be a better person or a different person – the universe invites us to the divine dance exactly the way we are and it glories and revels in us, with all our warts and flaws. We all want to be better people but first, we have to learn to love all that we are and embrace every annoying part of us, only then can any shifts happen.

Engage with people around this time, if you feel unsure about where you are headed or stop and take a moment of stillness to listen to your body and you will find that reassurance within. There is inner and outer work still to be done because the year was about gaining this clarity and now the real work begins. Now you can take bigger steps and longer strides. Now the journey begins.

Have an absolutely divine 2020 ❤

Sea witch

Make room in your day for a little wonder and joy today. Often we miss the everyday small magics that happen around us because we are so focused on the big picture. Sometimes joy finds us and sometimes we have to look for it.

See the wonder in the birth of a new leaf or the bloom of the flower. Maybe it will be a butterfly that passes by, but the wonder will not fill you unless you stop a moment and savour the sight and feel the beauty and magic of the butterfly. This savouring, this contemplation, this noticing of wonder is finding joy.

Savour every smile and giggle today and the day will bring you more.

December 2019

It’s the end of the year and typically the December reading would be about endings and completion but it feels like a new beginning actually started about a week back. It has been an atypical year with all the fits and starts, the long pauses that end with a flurry of activity. It has been a really introspective year as well, almost like there was a force that pushed you to think about things without and look and see within. The push was important I see now because, for something new to be borne, some deep thought is essential. Most of my attention was on this year being the year of the Hanged Man, what I missed was that this year is the end of a decade and a new decade will start in a month. The turn of a decade is a pretty significant event and this one especially so because the turn will give us a master number year (more about this in the Jan reading :)). So, in a sense this has been a year of endings and the what I thought of as fits and starts…maybe some of them were simply small endings which needed to happen. How was this year for you? Did you notice the pauses? Did some closure happen for you?

The first message for December is to flip it upside down so the last month of the year is a month of new beginnings. If there is something that you thought you would start in the new year, consider starting it now in December or watch for some information or opportunity that will make it possible to start right away.

the hero's journey card deck, flip it upside down

It may be that things get flipped upside down around you or that there is an opportunity for you to flip them around in your mind. It is a natural instinct of ours to run away from our fears or to struggle when we feel that we are sinking. Flipping it around will mean that standing up to what we fear and surrendering instead of struggling, both are opportunities for growth and of owning your personal power. In an upside-down world, we can look at destruction and say that something new is being born here. We can look at an ending and simply see it as change. We are able to see that the worst thing to happen is actually a blessing in disguise.

Flipping things can be magical and it is looking at the world through the eyes of a dreamer. Something that seemed interfering can be seen as care. It can be the same stuff but looked at with the dreamer’s eyes, it becomes completely different. We use this at work and for problem-solving all the time – think outside the box we say but what if we were outside the box all the time, how much more wonderful could regular life be. When I’m upside down, I’m right side up is a good mantra for December.

the hero's journey card deck, ocean of emotion

The second message for December is to dive into the depth of your emotions. The time for dipping your toes had passed and it is time to go in and experience the full gamut of emotions that you carry. For many of us, even as we learn to figure what we are feeling, we are at a loss of how to express it. Many times we try and express our emotions in a calm and gentle manner. These emotions are not meant to be expressed this way. Joy wants to shriek out from the rooftops, sadness demands tears and anger wants to hit out at someone. It doesn’t have to be with other people, you are self-sufficient enough to do these by yourself. A pillow is the most amazing companion when it comes to expressing emotions. You can throw it in the air in exuberance, you can snuggle with it for comfort and you can punch it in anger. Cultivate a healthy relationship with your trusty pillow consciously and it will serve you well.

Keep track of your emotions with respect to your body and to the moon as well. If it is moon time then respect that and take it easy for a few days. If the moon is full and you feel the urge to dance naked, do it. Our sexuality is deeply connected to our emotions. We cannot be or feel sexy and spontaneous if we don’t feel safe and that’s something to deep dive into. Our sexuality is not necessarily satisfied by having sex with someone, it is much more internal than that. It is the feeling of boldness within, of taking what we want without waiting for permission. It is important this month to explore this side of the yin (the yin side of man or woman), the sensual, sexual, spontaneous side.

the hero's journey card deck, the magic zone

The last message for December is that you have entered the magic zone, the zone where you have left who you were and not yet become who you are meant to be. This is a time for great shaping and moulding and the universe is doing its part and you can help by being aware of the shape you want to take. There is a new energy at play here, a childlike wonder at this new creation, and even the playfulness of a child. Let this child come out to play even when you are adulting. Keep the innocence of the child and the magic of creativity alive in all your endeavours because this will enable you to be who you want to be. Be kind to yourself as you go through this process and if you find yourself acting like a child at times don’t chastise yourself.

It’s a short reading this month because the rest of the cards I pulled out are more or less the same and this seems to be the main message for now.

The changeover for you has already begun and you are in this delicious space of becoming. There is an opportunity for you to reinvent yourself like never before. This divine gap between who you were and who you are becoming is a cause of celebration. The universe is already in celebration, be bold, be spontaneous, be weird and join in the reverie.

Have a fantastic month ❤

November 2019

The month of November comes with a promise of power and potential, November invites you to take your place in the Sun. The Sun card represents success and all the shiny stuff that comes with it, the Sun is warmth and radiance, it’s the light that makes things grow, it’s the bright side of life. The promise is of sunshine in your life, of things growing, of you basking in the sun, of you radiating positivity, you shining bright. If things have been lacklustre for a while, worry not because they will take a turn for the better in November. If you have not been feeling so bight and happy, you will find that your mood is turning brighter and you will find yourself more optimistic than before.

november 2019 tarot reading, the sun, the chariot

The thing to watch out for is to not dwell so much in the past and especially not on things that didn’t work out for you. The Five of Cups in this reading is a warning that you may need to fight the tendency to dim your light and the light around you by not letting the past stay in the past. The Five is a card of regret and even self-pity, it is us shouting why me? to the universe. Sometimes there are answers to the why me? question and sometimes there are none. Some answers unfold as we move along life and we connect the dots to realise how some twists and obstacles in the path lead us to a much better place. Some of these can take till the end of our lives to figure out so there are no answers, yet.

Hindsight is always twenty-twenty and carrying regret to the present serves no one, least of all you. Old wounds and bitter memories may knock on your door and you may want to entertain them for a while for a better understanding of yourself and the situation but just make sure you don’t invite them in to stay. Reflect and learn and then let it go.

A forgiveness or gratitude exercise will serve you if the past comes knocking this month – and isn’t it fabulous that we are doing the gratitude do-along this month!!

The Sun is here to tell you that there are endless possibilities that open up when one shuts and to be open to the brighter side of life as it makes its way towards you.

The Sun is the ultimate powerhouse and the message from the Sun is to connect to your power. Power which is intrinsic to you, not external power which can be fear-based or/and ego-based. Power has many expressions – it could be inner strength or resilience or the power to express yourself authentically and to stand your ground, you may have the power of positivity or you may be that person who brings joy into a room (and that’s a super-power!). Connect and tap into whatever your power is and let it shine brightly. If like many of us, you are afraid of your power then you could try figuring out what about it frightens you and maybe it is time to see a different expression of power.

Having the Sun card in the reading doesn’t mean that you get to rest on your laurels because the Chariot has made an appearance in this reading as well. The Sun is making things pleasant for you and opening up possibilities, whether to pursue them and how to pursue them is entirely up to you.

The Chariot is the card for miles to go. The card suggests that you are on the right track and you have the fortitude to make things happen. This is the card for action and adventure and it is also the card for challenges because the warrior loves challenges. The presence of the card means that even though there will be challenges, they shall be overcome by the strength of your will and courage (the Sun is already lending you power and positivity so this should really work out). Both cards promise success, the chariot just wants to ensure that you put in the effort before the reward.

november 2019 tarot reading, ace of cups, the moon

The First week of November will be good for your heart. There is a lightness, a newness, a freshness in the air with the turn of the year (after Diwali) and with the weather change as well. You may find yourself feeling light-hearted and carefree and very open to a new connection. It could be a romantic relationship or a friendship or even a new work relationship or it could be a new feeling or new level in an existing relationship. You will find a shift in how you receive others into your space and you may find yourself more generous than usual. All are good things for you so let yourself be this way for a while.

The Second week may cause you some sleepless nights – the full Moon happens on 12th I believe, and that always brings insomnia with it. This could be the time that the past will come to haunt you and even when we valiantly fight the lure during the day, sometimes the nights can be difficult. My suggestion would be to deal with your demons during the day so you can sleep better at night. Remember to not reject the past but to make peace with it. An avoidance or rejection usually doesn’t work whereas acceptance and agreement will take the bite out of any situation.

The Moon also guides you to listen to your intuition and to not be taken in by illusion. There may be some things that you don’t know fully, maybe some things need more light shed on them. Do some researching before you take any major decisions and try and see both sides of the situation if you are called to mediate.

november 2019 tarot reading, ace of pentacles, three of wands

The Third week may involve some travel so if you are planning a road trip this is the perfect time for it. One of the best things about travel is that it broadens your horizons. If you are not physically travelling, you may want to do something to expand your mind where you stand. Join a course maybe or maybe even apply for a new job/role. Something that will open up your world. The invitation here is to step beyond your comfort zone and explore new ideas, new thoughts, new places, new opportunities. It’s time to step into your new potential.

The last week of November is another opening-up for you. It could mean a new career opportunity or something new related to work. It could mean a bonus coming though or just a gift that is significant. The Ace of pentacles could also mean a shift to a new house or something new related to property or investment. Whatever blessing comes your way, you will feel full and abundant, enjoy that feeling and take in all of it because you totally deserve it all.

To sum up, November brings with it the gift of possibilities and the blessing of success. The cards encourage you to maximise the opportunity that is coming your way and not be distracted by past failures. There is hard work to be done now and it deserves all your focus and attention because the rewards will be worth it.

Reading for September.

What is the energy of the month?

The Wheel of Fortune is a reminder to us that the wheel is always turning and even as it constantly moves forward, it also goes up and down. The two are inextricably linked – in order to move forward, it has to go up and down and that turn inevitably results in the movement forward. This month the wheel will be in play in your life and you will be subject to its cycle of change in no small way.

september 2019 reading for the month, wheel of fortune

See for yourself where you start the cycle. If you have ended the last month in a difficult note then the start of this one will be a welcome relief. Don’t get too attached to that state though because the wheel will turn soon enough. The Wheel is a wonderful reminder when we are in times of strife and stress, that this too shall pass and that tough times come with their own gifts and blessings. The Wheel also tells us to be present fully and to celebrate the good times as they happen. Don’t postpone the celebration for an even better time, do it now.

The Wheel of Fortune is also the Wheel of Karma – what goes around, comes around – so be aware of the energy you are sending out into the universe because it is going to come back to you one way or another. The thing to be aware of about Karma and how it relates to the Wheel of Fortune is that finally at the end of your life you need zero karma. If someone owes you, you need to be around to collect it. It’s not so much about paying it back but about paying it forward. You can give all you want but make sure you receive what is coming your way as well.

September promises to be a month of ups and downs, of things coming full circle, and chance will be playing an important role in your sphere this month. It is a reminder of the transient nature of all things and to not hold on to things too tightly but rather to go with the flow of change.

What is the learning this month?

We take a lot of things for granted and sometimes we have an appreciation of things only when they are gone. The learning this month is to be grateful for what you have, to turn your attention to all that you have rather than focus on what you don’t have. There is a different energy that we send out to the universe when we operate from a place of abundance and with the Wheel of Karma really active this month, that abundance will come back manifold. When we operate from a place of lack and strife that’s what comes back to us. As the saying goes ‘I lamented the fact that I had no shoes, till I met a man who had no feet’. There is always something to be grateful for and it is not only about saying it or writing it (although that’s a good start) but feeling it from the depth of your being. When you feel that deep gratitude, that’s the energy that the universe responds to by bringing to us spectacular abundance.

september 2019, monthly tarot

This is especially true for this month where a downturn in finances is expected. The Wheel says, it shall pass, you just need to tide it over but the Pentacle cards suggest that you can make it easier or even circumvent it by starting on a gratitude exercise right away.

The other message from the fives is to observe how you are when the chips are down – Do you withdraw? Do you get defensive? Do you get angry or irritable? These are just indicators that tell you how you are feeling. Once you acknowledge how you feel you can see the signs for what they are and you can manage them with ease.

Remember to reach out to people because help is within reach. Don’t let your ego get in the way of receiving help and support. Ask for help and accept what comes your way.

This is the life lessons and learning section so if you don’t learn the first time, it will come back over and over again until you do. If you are hesitant to ask – there is your learning, if you find it difficult to receive – there is your lesson. If you receive but feel small while doing so then the lesson is not learned. The learning here is to not only be comfortable in asking for help but doing so with grace and gratitude, without putting yourself down in any way.

What are the opportunities?

The ups and downs are brilliant opportunities to maintain a healthy balance between work and rest. The time to rest is also a good time to track progress and to change track if needed. When you pull back from the thick of things you may be able to see what needs to change. When you rest there is an opportunity to think new thoughts and birth new ideas, creativity needs quiet and nurturance. You may find yourself abed with a cold but that is just an opportunity for you to take that downtime to come back with a bang.

september 2019, tarot reading

It is also a good time to celebrate where you have reached. The importance of celebrating milestones cannot be stressed enough. It gives us a sense of achievement and rejuvenates us and others as well. While we are celebrating it gives us a chance to tell others about our progress and achievement as well. It may sound a bit like tooting your own horn but sometimes that is the very thing that is required. At work, it can be a team celebration for hitting a particular milestone and that can attract the attention of seniors or other departments. It is all about perspective and a reason for celebration is success and that’s how it will be perceived.

What are the challenges?

There seem to be challenges aplenty this month so keep in mind that the Wheel will turn while you face these. The Tower card represents a crumbling of false foundations and that is the key point here – it is a false foundation and the sooner it crumbles, the better it is. Imagine a ten-story building crumbling versus a single-story one. It may be that someone or something you were relying on will not come through for you and devastating as it may be, recognise that the sooner this is out in the open the better it is for you.

the tower tarot, september 2019 tarot reading

The challenge will be your mind which will go through all possible scenarios and wonder at the should-haves and could-haves. The reality is that things unfold as they are meant to and even if you had done something different the end result would have been the same. There are ups and downs predicted in the reading but we all know that some people will focus on just the downs and some on just the ups. Keep your mind upbeat not in a false positive sort of way but in knowing that the value of daylight comes at sunset and that the night also brings with it a multitude of gifts.

What is the advice?

Two beautiful cards come with some wonderful advice for the month. The Page of Pentacles comes with the message of new beginnings, new ideas and inspiration and the Knight of Cups with a message of listening to your intuition and moving forward towards what your heart wants.

september 2019 tarot reading

Take time to do both of these this month. There may be an opportunity for you to step out of your comfort zone and do something different – it could be work or it could be a hobby – and see where this takes you. It may mean the learning of new skill or exploring a hidden talent. The Page urges you to try something new and feel the excitement of the newness and the opening up of possibilities. The Knight complements the Page by asking you to chase your dreams instead of always doing something practical. To listen to what the heart yearns for and to take action instead of just thinking about it.

Open up to the idea that your interest or hobby or passion can be something more. It may have been okay for it to be at a passion level until now but listen to the calling, from the universe to turn this into something else. There is no hurry to get to the finish line yet but there is a need to start a project or give life to an idea. If you don’t take any action then the dream remains a dream and you want to make your dreams real, right?

In summary, expect some ups and downs this month and be sure to celebrate the ups when they happen. The downs will pass quickly enough so don’t stress too much and keep a lookout for the blessings that come along with tough times. Use the downtime to explore new creative opportunities and maybe even up your talents and skills. Remember to go with your gut and listen to what your heart wants.

Much love and have a wonderful September.

August 2019

At the heels of a particularly difficult Mercury retrograde, August comes to us with a promise of completion and of renewal after a completion. There may be a situation or even a relationship which has been dragging on for far too long, maybe it’s an on-again-off-again project which seems to be heading nowhere, maybe it’s something you have been working on for a while now but you really can’t see how it will ever get sorted. August will bring things to a conclusion one way or another. There are some doors which will be permanently closed for us. But you know the best thing about closed doors right? Some new ones start opening!

moonology deck yasmin boland

Endings are not easy, even when we want them, even when they are good for us, so go easy on yourself and allow events to unfold as they may. You may be tempted to intervene but that will only cause you more distress. It may help you to remember that your soul decided this course of action, at this point in time, for you to learn and grow and evolve. If you’re letting go of somebody or something, know that it is the right thing to do, as hard as it might be. A practice of forgiveness may help you during this time – Ho’oponopono can be a wonderful practice to follow. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you absolve the person of all wrongdoing, it just releases you so that you can move on. True forgiveness is only with our own selves. We often can’t forgive the other because we are unable to forgive ourselves for being in that situation. The essence of forgiveness is to forgive the self so that we can move on.

The Balsamic Moon is a time for healing and to try to move on without healing having taken place is to hobble forward. This is not the time to just put a band-aid on the wound but to maybe take it to an expert. Whatever it is that comes up for you with the end of the last cycle needs more than a slap-dash, so don’t ignore it. Time is the biggest healer provided you acknowledge that something needs to be seen, needs to be healed. Give yourself the time and space and put your energy into you and the moving forward will be easy.

If the ending was a relationship – need not be a romantic one, could even be a colleague or boss – then know that your time with each other is at an end. There is nothing more to be learned, there is no more growth to be had. Think of yourself as a vessel that has been filled to the brim. There have been many wonderful experiences but now there are not-so-great experiences which have taken over. It is time to let go before the vessel becomes more negative than positive.

quan yin oracle, alana fairchild

This experience has helped you grow and become and the direction of your life is going to go through subtle realignments. You may want to make certain adjustments to suit the new you. These may be lifestyle changes or changes in food or exercise patterns. Evaluate what is working for you and what is not and make modifications where required. You may want to detox spiritually or physically and you may experience some body aches or tiredness as you align to this new energy. Don’t struggle through it, just rest it out. You may also find that you are attracting different kind of people into your sphere. As your energy changes, there is more light inside you and this attracts others to your light. These are good changes but it is always advisable to keep your boundaries in place so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

You may be tempted to go off on your own to do some soul searching or may just want to cocoon yourself at this time. There is a time and place for both, however, at this time the cards offer the guidance to not choose the hermit’s path but to allow the company of others. Group energy is really powerful and can be a powerful source of upliftment and expansion. Try a workshop or even a healing circle. Balance the me-time with group time if you can.

The first week of August is the first few days after the retrograde and you will feel the shift in energy right away. The days will feel lighter and brighter and you will feel more energetic than before. The sun represents the solar plexus chakra which is the seat of our power. The sun reminds us that we are more powerful than we think and urges us to claim our personal power. It is a reminder that will serve you at work and at personal relationships as well. You can physically tighten your core when you feel that you need it and feel that burst of power within. There is potential for receiving some recognition, maybe even with a financial component.

page of cups, the sun tarot

Along with personal power is need to keep yourself grounded. The cards urge you to remain compassionate even while you stand your ground. If you receive some awards or accolades, remain down-to-earth and resist the temptation to gloat. Just remain kind to others around you even while you celebrate your success.

In the second week, a new idea or opportunity will find its way to you. Open yourself to all possibilities especially if it is a creative project or has something to do with developing your intuition. This may be a time for you to explore your creative-intuitive side as well, maybe you would like to attend a creative workshop and see where that takes you. This week pay attention to your feelings and see what you feel like doing versus what you think you should do. Keep your eye out for signs and synchronicities from the universe this week and pay attention to the messages you receive. Repeated numbers, birds and animals, feathers and shells are all messages to heed from the universe.

two of swords tarot, the heirophant

The third week has the potential for a communication mishap. You may find yourself jumping into conflict impulsively, only to realise later that it wasn’t even your fight. We all do this out of loyalty to a friend or a loved one. We take offence on their behalf and jump in to defend them. This is a watch out from the cards, neither party will thank you for your interference in this matter so look before you leap into the fray. If you feel the urge and are aware of it, you may want to introspect upon it.

In the last week of August, you may face a challenging decision and you will find yourself at a loss about which way to go. Both possibilities may seem equally good or equally bad and you may feel blindsided by them. The advice from the cards is to get more information on either option and to not rush into making an immediate decision. Also, remember that things are not always what they appear to be and sometimes a little distance can give us the perspective we need. Take your time and gather the facts before you decide.

In summary, there will be an ending or completion of sorts in August. This completion has been a long time coming and it is for the greater good of all concerned. Take time to grieve for what is lost, and acknowledge its contribution to your life but also be aware of the possibilities that have opened up for you now. With this end, there will be some realignment and restructuring of your life and also within. Be kind to yourself as you go through this process of change and growth.

Much love.

July 2019

July promises to be a month of introspection, of going within and finding the answers you seek or have sought for a while. It is a month of looking at things with a new perspective and a childlike wonder of having not seen them before like this. It is a month which will make us want to take stock of our lives and questions like, ‘Is this where I want to go? Is this who I want to be? What direction should I be headed in?’ will be at the forefront. The answer may very well be a Yes but it needs to come from a conscious place, a place where it feels right rather than something that is expected from you. You may be surprised at conversations about life that will crop up unexpectedly this month. Participate in them fully and it may broaden your perspective.  

July 2019 tarot reading

We are told that we come to this world alone and will depart from here alone. In-between these two alone moments is life where we connect and belong, to so many different people, groups, cities, countries. There are times on this journey where we travel alone but more often than not we have fellow travellers. A friend, a sister, a co-worker will often walk with you part of the way. Not all will stay because their way and yours only intersected for a short while. Some will, one way or another, find their way back to you again and again and some will be with you most of the way. All these fellow wayfarers are important and they come when the time is right and they leave when their purpose is served. You may question this but remember that not all questions have answers. Some questions can be answered when you go within. When you find the pattern of people entering into your world and leaving – you will realise that they entered when you needed them – no other reason – and that is the way of the divine. Their leaving may hurt and again you may have the why in your mind and again there is no answer but that their time was done and there is something else that is awaiting you around the corner. Whether it was a good companion or not, when you go within you will discover the many gifts the person brought with them. The cards invite you to look at relationships this month – both past and current. To look at them with fresh eyes, with the eyes of innocence and keep aside your thoughts and keep with you, your feelings and see what comes up for you. While doing this it may be a good idea to thank all those who have journeyed with you so far.

The first week of July will keep your attention on the home front. You may receive a visit from your mom or a friend/person who tends to mother you. You may receive the gift of abundance from the universe, not just in material terms but with a lovely flow of people or some good news. It is a good time energetically, so the seeds that you plant now have a high probability of sprouting. If there is a home project that you’ve been thinking about, early July is a good time to kick it off. At work, if you have an idea then this is the right time to pitch it to your boss. When the Queen of Pentacles appears, she tends to make the path easier for you. She clears obstacles from your way and makes sure you are nurtured and healthy. It’s best to relax and go with the flow rather than try to assert your independence as that will only stop the flow of the good stuff. 

The second week of July may find you listless and suffering from the I don’t feel like it syndrome. It is okay to feel like that at times and it’s okay to withdraw into yourself. It may be a good time to do the introspection the cards want you to do this month. You may want to engage in deeper conversations with people around you. If there are opportunities that come your way and you feel that you may not have the bandwidth to see them through or they simply don’t excite you enough, then do say no to them. A little bit of downtime will help you find the energy and zest to be back in business soon. 

In the third week of July, if you are annoyed with a friend or co-worker and there is potential for harsh words, just keep in mind that some battles you lose, even when you win. You may be right but is it really worth losing a friendship? Dig deeper into the situation before any flare up happens. Decide if you want to be right and feel justified in your actions or to let go the ego and be part of your tribe. You may win this round but end up isolating yourself in the future. This isn’t about who is right or wrong – just that kindness and soft words will serve you better here. 

By the end of the month, you will notice that certain changes have occurred within you. You are now looking at situations and people in a totally different way. Life will feel brighter and lighter as you step into the sun. You will be rewarded for all the self-work you have done this month. The self-work will happen with or without your active participation, so you may as well aid yourself. This week will be quietly joyous and deeply enriching for you. 

There may be some juggling required in love and relationships. It could be a balance between work and love or it could be a push and pull with different loved ones. We are often torn between two things like family or spouse, work or family because there are hidden loyalties at play here. If you find yourself unable to juggle between the demand of two different sets of people, then the only thing to do is to be loyal to what you want. It is not possible to please all people at all times so just go with what your heart wants. 

All may not be great at the work front and you may experience some sort of ending or betrayal at work or related to money. As the energy of the month is about introspection maybe you could reflect upon what happened and why, and what you can learn from the experience and as always look for the hidden gifts this experience gave you. 

Health-wise, this month will be a breeze so, keep the health-related worries away and if you do get the sniffles, just rest it out and it will turn out alright. 

In summary, July is a month for introspection and changing perspectives. There is magic in the universe which can be seen through the eyes of the child and the universe wants to share with us that magic – we just need to adjust our eyes to see it.