Back with a difference

I’ve taken a rather long break this time, partly because I was doing a rather intense online course and partly because this hasn’t been working for me for a while. I’ve really been missing the interactivity that comes with a live reading and I’ve been feeling like I’m talking at people rather than to themšŸ˜’.

So, I’m trying somethingĀ different here now. Starting May I would like to invite you to a live reading, which I’m hoping to do the first Saturday or Sunday of every month. It’ll be on Zoom and I get to see people and have everyone’s energies in the mix. There will be space to ask for clarifications and/or go deeper into things that interest you. Maybe there will be space to ask some questions too! I’m not all decided what it’s going to be like but excited to see how it evolves!

There is more stuff that I want to add into the mix but I’ll hold it for the call. We’ll talk more there!

The first one is at 10.30 am on Saturday, 1st May!Send me a message if you’re keen to join and I shall send you the Zoom link.
See you soon!

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