23rd Feb. Queen of Cups.

The Queen of cups is the Mother card for me. The Queen is compassionate, caring and nurturing. She has complete mastery over her emotions, which is to say that she is capable of feeling the depth and width of her emotions yet leaving room for the other, for theirs. 

This week your Mom will be on your mind. And like with all relationships, it’s not necessary that it is all sunshine and roses. Maybe you will have a tiff with her or there may be something she says or does that brings up some old hurts for you. Pay attention though, don’t just brush it off as insignificant. Many times we think to ourselves, this is how this person is and we try to dismiss the incident from our mind. If it is a repeated incident then maybe it’s time to sit with it and figure out what emotions it brings up for you. Once you know you will automatically come up with ways to resolve it. 

Reach out to her sometime this week and observe how you feel. Sometimes we see only one aspect of Mom and form a picture of that in our minds. Yes, she can be emotional but it doesn’t mean that she can’t hold space for you. Maybe she’s emotional about the stuff that happens to her but she can be there, strong and resilient for you. 
We think of her only as Mother but she is also a woman, a person who can also be vulnerable at times, she can also be prone to stress and anguish and fear like the rest of us.

She is multifaceted and multidimensional and sometimes we forget that. She can be emotional but she can also be strong. We often try to protect her from stuff that’s going on in our lives but we don’t need to. This act of protecting her is a barrier that cause and reinforces separatedness. 

Let her in. Let her see you. Let her be there for you. Share the good stuff with her but also show her your vulnerabilities. Let her know when things are not going so well for you and you may be surprised at the support she shows you.

 If nothing else, just pay attention to your Mother this week. If she has passed on, then light a candle for her or just speak to her ❤️.

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