16th Feb. Half Moon.

You may have started down a path, taken a new project or decided a course of action for yourself. This week, if you happen to encounter an obstacle on this path, be assured that this is just the universe testing your commitment. It is the right path, the right choice and a hitch here is just a speed bump and not a call to either end it or to choose a different thing.

I’ve had some interesting conversations about obstacles recently. And there are two different schools of thought here. There is the beating the odds and get to big rewards thought and then there is the one where you take the path of least resistance. There are people on either extreme but for most of us life happens along the spectrum. Which side of the spectrum you veer towards is driven by your personality. Some obstacles are inevitable but if you enjoy a good challenge you will tend to find more and if you enjoy going with the flow, you will tend to miss most. Like with most things, the middle path is the one, because challenges help us grow. But too-many can mean chronic exhaustion and burn out and too few can mean stagnation. You will know your own sweet spot.

This week, the same applies. You can choose to overcome this by pushing through or by flowing around it but don’t give up at this stage. Rely instead on past experiences and decisions that worked and plough through this week.

Enjoy your week ❤️.

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