Jan 18th. Movement.

This week you may find that you are in a stage of transition, it could be a physical step into the new and unknown or could be a spiritual step. Maybe it was an external circumstance that led to this movement or maybe you choose it. In either case, there is either angst or trepidation because we tend to find comfort in the familiar. Know that this transaction is for you to grow and develop and yet be kind to yourself while you learn to navigate the changes within and without.

It is natural to look back with nostalgia and even sadness, maybe there is a missing that you are experiencing. And it is true that even when it the situation wasn’t so great or a person that we wanted to get away from, when it is gone there is a missing of it. Know that even though it is natural, we need not feed it by dwelling on what is gone. Instead we can choose to look at what lies ahead.

The six of swords implies that there is a burden from the past that is being carried by you and it is time to reflect on the mental, emotional or even physical or financial baggage you may be carrying. Maybe it is thoughts and beliefs that need to be examined or maybe it’s some behavior that needs to be looked at. It is time to put down that burden because it isn’t serving you and a moments reflection will tell you that it isn’t serving it’s original purpose either. 

It time to decide what you want to carry forward and what you need to leave behind.

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