23rd Nov. Material things.

This week, you may feel like things are in place in the material front. Material is all that is touched and felt so it could be work and finance related or it could be home and hearth related. Maybe it’s a physical change in situation and circumstance which is making you feel that you have come home. Maybe nothing has changed but there is an easing up inside so it could be an emotional or energetic shift. It is possible that your family is coming through for you and that itself is providing you relief. Sometimes we are so close to the finish line that we can cruise along and take time to take in the scenery. That is the energy of this week – to feel that sense of accomplishment. To feel like you have enough. To know that there is enough and that you can put your feet up for a while.

While you are putting up your feet, you will have some mind space and the cards ask that you explore the surface of your mind. The cards also seek to remind you that you are the master of your mind and you can direct the path of your thoughts. Now that things are in place you may want to think about what your next steps should be or what you want to focus your attention on next. Pay attention to an older woman, a mentor or even your mother who may have some suggestions or insight for you. The invitation here is to open and expand your mind. To hold the reins when it comes to the mind versus getting lost in the labyrinth of your thoughts.

It’s not a coincidence that the card which relates to a cerebral mother has come up today. With the Healing the Mother Wound workshop around the corner, I suspect more of these cards will make an appearance. The four queens in the Tarot deck represent the four aspects of the Mother and we will be using them in the workshop at points of connection and insight. When we embark on our journey towards our mother, (it can be the most courageous thing one can do!), it is also the only path towards ourselves as we are borne from her flesh and blood and carry her wounds whether we want to or not. Join in as we explore the different aspects of the mother and make the movement towards her.

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