Receiving. 9th Nov.

receiving, mother wound,

I love that this message comes a few days before Diwali. I have always thought that our relationship with Goddess Laxmi is somewhat complicated. We want to love her but allow ourselves only one day to fully embrace her. The rest of the days our love is compromised with feelings of guilt and undeservability.

Today’s message is about receiving and this is a topic which has so many layers that we can talk while about it. This post is but a thought starter, a reason to introspect about how you are at receiving.

Our relationship with receiving starts at the womb stage (sometimes even earlier, if you believe in reincarnation) and with our first relationship, that of our mothers. You may have heard stories of how it was when your mum was carrying you or stories of you as a baby. Think back to those stories or even ask your parents if they remember and think about how you received even then. Sometimes to-be-mothers have difficult pregnancies and there is a threat to the baby’s survival. What does the baby do then? Because if the baby takes too much then the mother may not survive and the baby’s survival in the womb is contingent upon the mother’s survival. So baby takes less and that is the baby’s first relationship with receiving – of taking less than what she needs – and that sets the tone for life. The cord around the neck is a common story and if you think about that, there is a physical challenge in receiving – even the drawing of breath is taking in a resource. We can shift the stories up to toddler stage and most of us will find a story that correlates with how life has come to us. Mine is me throwing milk down the drain and even though now I would be called ‘lactose-intolerant’, the question would be (and I totally relate to it) – why would I say no to receiving something nourishing? The card today urges you to think about what your receiving story is and how it relates to your first relationship.

The receiving story gets further complicated as we grow older and are exposed to concepts of guilt and shame, duty and obligation. We understand what greed is when we reach for the last cookie on the plate and have our knuckles rapped. We realise that there is an owing by us when we receive. We then start curbing ourselves and our impulses and learn to say no when we want to say yes. All of this sends out the energy of our beliefs into the universe and the universe returns to us what we believe.

At the base level, this week, just be open to receiving. Just as you open the doors of your home and light it up to receive the Goddess, open up yourself and light yourself with the pure energy of wanting to receive, without getting in the shadows of guilt and obligation or the fear of something being taken. And at the second level think about how you are with receiving, what your experience has been with receiving and what beliefs and energy you carry about receiving.

Have a super Happy Diwali <3.


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