November 2020.

It’s November already! A part of me can’t wait for this year to end!

I’ve taken a longer break than I intended, thank you for checking up on me – all is well with me, just needed some time out and I’m happy to be back all perky and refreshed.

November is a number 11 month and that is a master number in itself and also adds to a 2. Both have relevance to the year 2020, as 22 is a master number and the 2’s are there as well. I love the 2’s usually, it’s my birth number and in Tarot terms, the number of the High Priestess, there is a sense of uncertainty and nervousness though this time as I wonder what other lessons need to be learnt (the master numbers always come with life lessons). I’m not going down the doom and gloom route though, whatever lessons need learning will be learnt and we will all find the hidden blessings and receive all the gifts this situation is bringing us. It is good though to be aware that circumstances and situations are not a punishment and the universe is not out to get us, instead it is working to get us to a newer, better place. We just need to walk certain paths in order to get there. The path could be full of obstacles, maybe a change in direction is called for, maybe it’s something to walk alone and maybe it’s shadowed. Whatever it was for you, trust that it is leading you somewhere good, somewhere you need to be. Trust your intuition more than ever, this month and take time to check inwards before you make any movements.

There are pretty great cards for this month with an overarching Moon card. Combined with the High priestess energy this could mean that things may not be what they seem or there is some obfuscation and you may need to look through the fog to see clearly. Trust your senses and see through your inner eye.

You will be victorious in your endeavours and there will be abundance and contentment even though it may not be immediately apparent. Sometimes we win when we lose. Think about an auction where you lose the bid for an art piece and then later find out that it was worth less. And a penny saved is a penny earned. Keep both things in mind and it will be easier to see through the illusion.

The Moon always makes an appearance when some big Moon shifts happen. It was a blue moon this time and Samhain too. Samhain is about endings but the celebration of endings and the bringing in of new things. It is about honouring our dead as well and giving them the right place in our lives. If someone who has passed over the veil is on your mind then do light a candle and maybe even have a conversation. Or just light a candle for all your ancestors honouring them and seek their blessings.

The Moon may make you moody, don’t dismiss it though and honour that moodiness in you as well.

The Moon is also considered to be beautiful – flaws and all. That is something to introspect upon. The Sun shines brighter but has the capacity to burn you but the moon is gentler and even though not as bright it is enough to see in the dark. It doesn’t matter if it is reflected light or inner light, it’s just light. Just think about this in relation to yourself – with your flaws, your shadows and your dark side – you are still beautiful, still essential, still needed and still wanted.

There will be some new opportunities coming your way this month. Sometimes though you need to let something go in order to allow something else to enter. Try to not hold on too tightly to something that has reached the end of it’s cycle. You will know what it is when the time comes thanks to the energy of the high priestess. Let it go and let something new enter.

This is essentially the message of the month, that things may not be what they seem and you need your inner eye to navigate this month. If something undesired happens, take a moment to see through the possibilities it opens up for you and the gifts it brings. Be wary of the illusion of darkness as it is just the road to light.

Have a lovely November.


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