The path. 21t Sept.

When we were but little drops of energy waiting to take material form, we had a plan, a path (and I’m sure we were all excited droplets!). We signed up for this journey and even though we have forgotten what it was there is an inner compass that remembers. It’s that thing within which chooses left or right when we come to a crossroad.

The path is never a straight line, it is curved with twists and turns, sometimes we have to backtrack and often we find ourselves coming full circle. The path is also never easy, it’s not supposed to be. In fact, if it’s easy and obstacle-free then it’s probably not the right path. The only thing that can tell us if it is the path or not is the hum of our internal compass.

Listen to that internal compass this week. Maybe you will have an insight this week, a change in perspective or maybe something external will happen which will make sense only to your inner compass. Step boldly into this space without fear or doubt and keep your senses alert for the signs from the universe. 

Our life path need not be just what we do, it can be learnings from relationships, it can be acts of service, it need not also be just one big thing. Maybe your soul has chosen to learn in this life and every time you learn something new your compass hums. Maybe it’s to be a guide and that need not mean you be a teacher but that you are able to send people in the right direction. Maybe your path is the intuitive path and whether you do something material or metaphysical, either or both are putting you on your path.

Also, rest assured that you cannot be too far away from your path, one way or another, the universe will pull you back towards where you are meant to be.

Have a super insightful week ❤

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