The Invitation. 7th Sept.

This week, there is an invitation from the divine feminine to come play in her depths. The Moon in its many aspects is the divine feminine – the waning and waxing and its fullness depict the maiden-mother-crone. Its pull at our emotions is the feminine aspect. Its gentleness and its many moods are the yin side of us. The divine feminine endlessly creates, over and over again, flowing in cycles, just like the moon. Btw, the Moon has been coming up a lot in the last few readings, hasn’t she!

The invitation this week is to allow, to receive, to flow.

Abundance is in the cards this week and that brings in the energy of receiving. The urge from the universe is to look at how you receive. Our first receiving is from our mothers. In the womb and then out of it, she is our sustenance and our first brush with receiving. How we receive from the universe, our jobs, our partners is connected to how we receive from our mothers. Sometimes circumstances make it difficult for us to receive – a sickly baby or an incubator baby needs to be kept away from her mother, sometimes mothers pass away too early, and as we get older we sometimes take on the mother role for our ageing mothers. Any of these can cause a disturbance in our ability to receive. The invitation is to to look and to see in what manner you receive from the external world and connect it to how you receive from your mother. Maybe you don’t want to receive, maybe she gives but it doesn’t satisfy you, maybe she gives and you are unable to receive. Maybe you believe that you should be giving now that you are an adult. Maybe you feel that you owe her. Explore these aspects of yourself and also be aware of what is coming your way and how you receive it. See what opens up for you this week. (On a side note, I am having a talk on Constellation Work the coming Saturday where we will talk about this and more and maybe even do a receiving exercise. Come if interested. Details to follow.)

This week allow things to happen rather than trying to make things happen. Keep in mind that the allowing has the energy of movement. Allowing means there is an invitation from your end. Sometimes when we get the message to not push ourselves we tend to sit back and close ourselves. Allowing means that we wait for opportunity to knock rather than chase it down the street. And allowing means that we get up and open the door when it knocks and not just lie on the couch waiting for it to enter by itself :D. Allowing has a flow, a soft, subtle energy and it may be passive but it’s not inactive.

Pay attention to the moon cycles as well and see how they relate to your own emotions. Some of us feel full and satisfied when the moon is full and some of us feel the urge to do something new and different when the baby Moon is in the sky. Btw, how was 2nd Sept, harvest moon for you? This week we go from waning to third-quarter moon and that does bring with it some harvest and abundance as well. Here is some reading about the moon cycles.

Have a super abundant week <3.

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