September 2020.

There’s something magical about the month of September. It’s the turn of the season and for us, the festival season starts around this time. We have already welcomed Ganesha and the 9 Goddesses will follow soon enough. The September moon is called the Harvest Moon and that’s the beauty of this month that even though it is the 9th month of the year and 9 symbolizes endings, the endings here are of the tough times or a culmination of all the hard work and the beginning of celebrations. Fingers crossed that this September brings a nice close of Covid!

september 2020 tarot reading

True to the energy of the month the cards also talk about a culmination – like the end of courtship that leads to marriage. You may have been working hard the last few months and now, this month you will be able to harvest what you have planted and tended to all this while. Maybe it’s a project that will see it’s launch this month or a deal which will finally go through. Maybe it’s self-work that you’ve been doing and you will find the shifts that you were waiting for are finally showing up. Maybe it’s a literal marriage proposal or marriage itself.

The full moon is happening just a couple of days into September and it may be a good idea to seek the Harvest Moon blessings so early on in the Month. The last Visarjan is also on the 2nd so it’s especially auspicious.

The ask from the month is to focus on celebration – not just the festivals but also the small, everyday things. Celebrate yourself and those around you. Celebrate your success as well as your milestones. Celebrate how far you have come. Celebrate your body and your spirit. if you’re cooking, make the meal your celebration. If you’ve signed on a new client or business celebrate that. If you’ve finished a course celebrate that. The universe promises that there will be reason for celebration and you can help things along by aligning to that energy even before it happens.

The watch out for this month is the ego. The Devil is our ego that whispers words of discouragement into our ears. The ego tells us that we are not good enough and compares us to others. The ego tells us we will fail and we will fall. We see people with giant size ego’s and we think that person must be so confident. The reverse is true actually because the person is over-compensating for the lack they feel. If you find the whispers in your mind remind yourself that falling is the only way to learn to walk and failure is the best guide we could ever have.

The cards are saying that you have what it takes and that you are good enough so go ahead and undertake whatever you want. There is a high chance of success and if not there is a definite chance to grow. Also keep in mind that sometimes when you fall, you find some pennies on the ground. Keep a sense of this with you this month and instead of being disheartened look for the hidden blessings.

This week, you may feel ungrounded or thrown off your stride. Maybe a tummy bug or feeling stressed or overworked? Do some grounding exercises as a preventive and/or cure. Deep breaths with connection to the ground or a grounding meditation. You could play with your plants and touch the soil, any of these will help you find your centre. Keep in mind that we often think that we are losing connection to the divine or to the other when in fact we need to go within and connect with ourselves. Don’t struggle and swim against the tide this week, just rest it out.

Have a lovely week.

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