Expansion. 17th Aug.

There is scope of expansion this week so if there is something that you’ve wanted to do for a while now is the time to jump into the fray. Anything new does come with some uncertainty and it is natural to feel no small amount of trepidation but the cards ask that you don’t fall into the trap of not having enough confidence to try.

The man in the card is waiting for his ship of opportunity to come in and he has a choice to wait in his comfortable room or to be out at port and maybe even have a little dinghy take him to the ship. What choice will you make? To take a step towards a possibility or wait for it to knock at your door? It is always a choice and both are fine because what is meant for you will find its way to you. In this case, though the cards advise you to make the movement towards it. Sometimes the universe wants a sign from you as well 🙂.

This could mean taking on a new project, something different from what you are used to or even learning something new. It could mean travel and I would qualify that by saying that the voyage of discovery is not travelling to new places but by seeing with different eyes :). The something new, something different, is where the scope of expansion lies so try something new and do it with confidence.

Have a lovely week.

Btw, it is New Moon in Leo on the 19th so that’s a double message from the Universe to flip your mane and take a step like you own the road.

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