Learn Tarot with me

The other day someone asked me if I do readings for myself all the time and I felt a tad bit sheepish saying yes, yes I do. I can’t imagine life without my cards and it is true that sometimes I draw them for pretty frivolous stuff – the answer though is always insightful and often changes my perspective.

There is a lot to learn in Tarot and unlike Oracle cards it does need to be learnt, but the width and depth of the guidance they provide is astounding. Not surprising as they’ve been around for centuries. The Rider Waite deck itself is from the 1900s. It feels incredible that something with so much history is still used in modern times pretty much as is. The meanings and interpretations though have come a long way.

The online Tarot course is done with the Rider Waite deck as the meaning of the cards is based on the imagery of this deck. And this is the only requirement for the course. It’s a two-day workshop, 25th-26th July, 10 am -5 pm. The energy exchange is 5500/- if you sign up before the 10th of July.

In the course, you will learn how to read the cards and the different spreads and even learn to create your own. You will learn how to do readings for yourself and for others. And there will be exercises to develop your intuitive powers.

Write to me if you are keen to learn and please do forward to anyone who may be interested.

Here is what others have said about the course.

“I recently did a tarot reading course with Darpan which was so enriching and empowering.  I am grateful to her for opening me up to this modality. It has opened me up to another beautiful dimension of the universe. She said something at the beginning of the course, “ you didn’t choose the tarot but it chose you”, sheer magic. I believe in the magic of the cards even more now especially because of the way she helped me see it and guided me through the training. The course was very concise yet expansive of sorts. She came prepared each day with something new and exciting for us and by the end of the course, I feel so ready to offer this to others. Thank you so much Darpan for being such a beautiful coach.” Sheena, Singapore

“Darpan carries a sense of calm and peace that would draw any troubled soul seeking guidance. I have been following her blog and have done a Tarot course with her. She is generous with her knowledge, and learning from her was a beautiful experience for me.” Shilpa, Mumbai

PS: here is the reading for July

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