Weekly Reading

I’m moving to a weekly reading as the daily one has become a little tough to manage. Let me know how it goes for you :).

This week is a rather significant one. If you’ve been looking for the light at the end of the tunnel it will be there for you. Moreover, you will realise that you are the light-bearer and you hold within you what you are seeking. The Hermit and the Chariot are rather significant cards to get in a reading though ordinarily, you would have the Chariot preceding the Hermit. Your Journey leads you to the light within. Here, however, there is a spark of insight into what you must do or an idea of what your destination will be is the inspiration to your journey.

Maybe you already have an inkling of the future you want to create or maybe that deep knowing will come to you this week and with it, the path will become clearer and you can take the first step into this journey. Take some time out from work and/or domestic concerns to go within and know that all the answers you seek lie within you. You can do this one your own or allow yourself some help – google a nice meditation and just sink inwards. The Hermit usually appears when you are at a pivotal point in your life and mostly leads to change in direction. Having the Chariot accompanying this card only reinforces the point that there is a redirection required in your life journey.

Maybe your heart and mind are pulling you in different directions. Remember though that you are the charioteer and you hold the reins, and you are the master of your mind. Maybe you are distracted from your path by something shiny and illusionary. There are times when it is good to take time to smell the roses and watch the butterflies flit by but now is not that time. This week will demand that you keep your focus on what will lead you to your destination. Let go of your distractions and get moving. Sometimes the stars align and with a little effort you can reach your milestone much faster, this is that time so don’t waste it.

In material terms, these cards can signify travel and movement – maybe even to a retreat or health camp. As that seems unlikely for most of us –  an online workshop, especially from a location distant to yours, maybe the way to go.

Have a lovely week ❤ 

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