Full Moon in Virgo

If you know any Virgos or if you are one, you would know that they are highly critical of themselves (which also makes them highly critical of the world around them). The message today from the Full Moon in Virgo, is to watch out for your own inner critic and maybe even do some tough talking to your critical self (kindly of course :)).

Our inner critic is constantly telling us how we could be better and this actually is the biggest obstacle in our way. Whenever we allow our ego to convince us that there isn’t enough to go around, not enough time, money, energy, resources, etc., we get in the way of our own goals. The message today is to get out of your own way, say hush to that voice that says you are not enough and just go do what you want because you are good enough. If the composite energy of the Universe thinks you are Enough and is making sure you are reading this message then it must be true, right!!

Have a lovely day ❤

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