Between Worlds

There is a place between what was and what will be and today’s message is to honour that in-between space. There is a lot that happens when change occurs and I don’t mean just the transformational kind of change but the smaller everyday (or maybe every-week) changes that happen.

It can be the change that happens when we have new knowledge or go through a new experience. Sometimes it is when we have a new insight into an existing situation. Sometimes we just see a pattern that was always there. Maybe last week something was shown to you and maybe it brought about some discomfort. If you are not sure then you could think back to all that happened and what emotions it brought forth. And now that you know you want to get to the other place – the place that the universe is guiding you to, the place where this realisation is leading you to. It’s not yet time though so you may need to be in this null space for a bit. To sit with what has emerged for a while before moving on to the new place.

In more practical terms, maybe you are in-between things right now – a physical move or a job shift or even a relationship – and even though the move has happened your energy still needs to catch up to the move. Give yourself a little time to get things in place and try not to be in a hurry to get it all done instantly. Just breathe and allow it to fall into place.

Have an easy day ❤

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