Space Clearing

Nothing starts the week better than a spot of space clearing. Especially after a week like last week. The chaotic energy does seem to have mellowed now and I was wondering yesterday if it was too mellow. How was last week for you?

Today’s is a simple message of clearing the space around you. It could be clearing the physical space or doing an energy cleanse for the home or for yourself. There are so many options across cultures for clearing space and energy from incense to singing bowls, smudge sticks and essential oils (I love sandalwood and lavender), salt and bay leaves, Reiki and chanting. My favourites are a salt bath and burning some sage. Whatever is your fancy do that today and make a production out of it if possible. These things are so much fun when you make a big deal out of it and I feel that there is power in the ritual and production of it. Plus – no one ever objects to it.

If you are feeling low or out of sorts then make sure you do the clearing and your mood will be better for sure. There is a lot of anxiety and fear in the air and it is natural to pick up some of that energy. Try this and see if it makes you feel lighter.

Enjoy your space clearing today <3.

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