The Little Owl

It is said that truth hurts but that is not true at all. Truth and wisdom and clarity that follows the truth has the capacity to lighten you and the space around you. When you acknowledge the truth of something it is as if a burden has lifted from your back and the blinkers have gone from the eyes. 
The owl comes bearing the gift of clarity and wisdom. 

“You will be able to see more clearly, even when there is no light at all about you. The night will hold no fears for you. You will hear clearly what people are truly saying when they are speaking with you- their words’ true meanings will be utterly apparent immediately. You will be able to know exactly where people, beings and their energies are coming from so that it will be very simple to make wise decisions.”

Don’t be afraid of the truth today, seek it and hold true to it when you find it. Have a lovely day. 

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