More newness

I guess the story this week is not just about new perspectives, it is also about a physical movement. If you are wondering about moving into a new home (you know who you are!) or a new job then go for it. Maybe it’s a new project or venture or maybe you have the opportunity to make a new investment. Basically just say to anything new that comes your way :). You could also consider redecorating your home.

The new can come from outside or it can come from you as well. Maybe you’ve been thinking of learning a new skill or exploring your artistic side. This is a yes for a workshop or course (my Tarot course starts 20th btw ;)), for any new learning.

The Page also urges you to keep your feet firmly on the ground. Take time to feel through your ideas and inspiration and remember that there is a practical aspect of hard work, diligence and love poured in for manifestation to happen.

Enjoy the newness today.


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