Tiny triumphs

Maybe you’ve been feeling like a little cog in the wheel. Maybe you’ve compared yourself to others and have come up short. Maybe you’re just feeling a little insignificant right now. Today’s card asks you to reevaluate how you look at yourself. To know and understand that without that cog in the wheel the vehicle cannot move. To remember that for the 10 people that are ‘ahead’ of you in life there are 20 behind you. Today’s card asks that you acknowledge that sometimes you feel unseen and unheard and maybe give that attention to yourself. 

Spend a little time today going over your tiny triumphs. List your achievements – big or small, personal and professional, and take a moment to see how far you have come versus how far you need to go. Life is made up of tiny triumphs and everyday small achievements and these are what keep us energised and driven. Remember them and celebrate them instead of looking for the big heroic deed (which is highly overrated).

Today is the day to pat yourself in the back and overall feel good about yourself – make sure you take out that time for yourself.

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