Some old memories or old wounds may be resurfacing today and while it is alright to feel nostalgic about the past there is no reason to let it mess up your present. We often carry our past on our shoulders which leads to a bunching up of the shoulder and neck muscles. Carrying this additional weight around makes us feel tired and lethargic and prevents us from living in our full power and potency.

Maybe there is a need for forgiveness and you may want to go through a process or ritual for it or you may want to reach out to a healer to help you with the process. Just remember that forgiveness starts with the self so forgive yourself first. There is always something to learn from the past and that is the silver lining here. Recognise it and learn it and you will find it easier to let go. 


  1. Woke up feeling super tired and went off to sleep in pain, decided not to work today and I was wondering what am I processing. Will ponder and work on forgiveness


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