Archangel Michael

Today’s message is a blessing and reassurance from Archangel Michael that you are safe and protected. If you’ve been feeling anxious about something it helps to say it out versus keeping it in.

Archangel Michael is the most accessible of angels and you can invite him over for a chat and tell him how you feel. Just sit in a quiet place and close your eyes and just observe the sensation in your body. When you feel a wave of warmth either sweeping over you or somewhere in your body, you will know what he is with you. Say hello and just speak to him and surrender all your worries to him. Don’t think that it’s too small or why should I bother him, he’s asking you to tell him and so go ahead and do that.

Try it and you will feel much better. Even if you don’t have a worry just speak to him and you will feel better for it.

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