Full Moon in Libra

A good compromise is where both parties feel that they have won. It is not easy to get to that stage though because a compromise necessitates a give from both sides. How much should that give be for you is the question?

full moon in libra

Today you may be in a situation that asks you to bend a little, to give a little, to compromise a little bit. Make sure it’s not too much because your first responsibility is to yourself. Make sure it is not too little because there is a price that we pay when we put ourselves first. 

Libra is about balance and fairness – the scales have to be equal – so make a thought-through decision today. 

Have a lovely weekend. 


  1. Thank you for taking out time for this. 🙏 it’s calming to read your posts. You put them up so beautifully and subtly. No matter how my day is, you always make sure there is something to look forward to! 😘


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