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I’ve been getting some queries about charges and questions about constellation work so here is the rate card so to speak and briefly what happens in a reading and a constellation session. I’m also introducing some new options for Tarot.

I know Constellation does sound like it may have something to do with astrology but even though it is magical and mystical, it is a full-on therapy session. The difference with regular therapy is that this is done only once a month and only one session is needed for a particular wish or desire, we don’t work on the same thing over and over again. It may be that there are aspects related to what you want to change and those are addressed in a different session (yet, no more than once a month). Constellation helps to make transformational shifts in the way we receive abundance and success, helps us navigate personal relationships and works in the realm of ancestral healing. Whatever is the wish, whatever is the change that desired we work with that.

These are Skype sessions and it is best to keep around an hour to an hour and thirty minutes for a session. Each session is for ₹3000.

A Tarot Reading is about figuring out the why, what, how, and when of any given situation. It can be questions about work or relationships or to get a deeper understanding of what is going on or to figure out what needs to change within so that the external can change. It can be about life situations or much deeper spiritual learning.

~ A full Tarot reading which is an in-depth reading where, as many questions about as many topics can be asked. It usually takes about 45-60 mins for this reading and it is priced at ₹2000.
~ The new reading which I’m introducing now is the quick and easy reading which is for about 20 mins and usually focuses on one particular topic, though as many questions can be asked. This one is for ₹1100.
~ And then there is the Mini reading or yes/no reading which is for people who do regular readings and want a quick answer for a current situation. This should be for less than 10 mins and is priced at ₹400. 

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