There is always a reason, there is always learning, there is always growth from any difficult life experience. This doesn’t mean that there is no discomfort or that sometimes there could be even trauma. This doesn’t mean that we should focus on only the growth or lesson. It is important to acknowledge the discomfort before we get to where it has led us.

There are many posts saying ‘you’re not stuck at home, you’re safe at home’ right now and though it’s a nice attempt at changing perspective it tends to dismiss the feeling of being stuck at home. Yes, we are safe at home but we are also stuck at home. To jump into all that’s good about being at home without acknowledging the stuck-ness, without addressing the longing for physical connection, without feeling the uncertainty of it would be jumping ahead without establishing a base first. 

This could be an exercise to do today. Write down all the emotions that come up for you about being in lockdown, write about the things that upset you or the discomfort you face, write the fears and anxieties which may lie under the surface for you. Connect with your body to feel what is going on inside. Don’t judge your feelings, just write them down. Then get on to step two and write at least 3 things you have learnt or things that have changed for the better for you or just gifts you have received due to the lockdown. 
It need not be about the lockdown, just about any experience which caused you discomfort. At the end of this, you are sure to feel much lighter. It’s also always good to know what the message from the universe is for you. If you’d like help doing this exercise call me and we can do the quick 20 min reading for it :).

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