The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is the wheel of life, forever turning, forever changing and it is the change and turn of the wheel what makes things grow and life unfold. Sometimes change comes to us externally and sometimes our insides are responsible for the change. Sometimes the change that comes from within is so subtle, so slow that it feels like it has happened between one day and the next. It’s not overnight though and if you backtrack you will know when things started turning for you.

What changes have you noticed within? What has been inching up inside that you can’t possibly ignore now? Take a moment or two today to realise and acknowledge what has changed for you and where this turn of the wheel will take you.

This change which comes from within is significant and powerful. It may not always be comfortable but here you are not at the mercy of anything external, here you have the invitation to be in the driver’s seat. There are possibilities and opportunities ahead and you get to decide which direction to take. Work with Spirit here and see where the flow matches your pace. Trust your intuition and trust what is brewing inside you. Especially don’t fight it – none of us will be coming out of these weeks without significant internal changes. In the eyes of the universe, there is no good or bad change, it’s change and something new is created out of it and therefore it is always for the better.

If you remember the annual reading, this is to be a year of great spiritual growth and growth comes from adversity and change.

Have a great day!

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