You are being asked to trust, to gently lay to rest the suffering that has been – perhaps because of what you have labelled as the failure, the doubt, the losses and setbacks. They are so little in the greater scheme of you. Put them aside; allow them to rot and become the fertilizer for life, but do not try to keep them alive beyond their earthly expiry date, lest you become tainted or poisoned by the rot. Let them go and instead focus on what is alive now.”

It is always a choice to walk in the shadows or to turn your face towards the Sun. It is fine if you are making that choice but don’t presume ever that there is no choice because their always is. You may have no choice about what happens but you always get to choose to do with it. Spirit asks you to look up and ahead and walk forward as it is a brand new day and allow the sunlight to chase away your shadows. Let the past to rest, acknowledge the setbacks and disappointments, and then take a deep breath, square your shoulders and stand upright, maybe even take a step forward.

Have a lovely weekend!



  1. Thank you so much for this message… I have been struggling with so many issues of the past, punishing myself so to speak, and now this lockdown and having to go to work, to deal with nastiness… This message spoke to me and on Good Friday no less… God bless you


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