It feels like something shifted over the weekend, some energy shift, some alignment that happened and I wonder if you felt the shift as well? The full moon is still a couple of days away so I’m expecting this energy to be yet more heightened. I wonder what we have collectively released in the past couple of weeks and what shifts have happened internally for us individually. I find it especially interesting that we lit candles in the dark last night. I love rituals and I love candles (I’m sure you know that!) and I love the symbology of a small flickering flame in the dark of the night. I also believe in the power of intention and of hope, especially of a large number of people so last night was a profound experience for me.

The card today is also about the shift and a new alignment. This is not a minor shift but a quantum leap and as we are all house bound, it is an internal reset and realignment. You may want to think about what has shifted for you the last two weeks or so? It takes 21 days to make or break a habit which is why we repeat affirmations to change our thoughts for a minimum of 21 days. And that is the number of days we will have been in lockdown, I wonder what new habits or new thoughts have been picked up by you? These are the ones which will make the quantum shifts happen.

The universe works in mysterious ways and there is learning and growing for all of us during this time. A part of my wondering is about what will be on the other side of this time. This is obviously going to be for far more than 21 days and I wonder what will emerge after or rather what we will emerge to. There will be changes and change is hard in the best of times but at the other side of change something new, something good, something exciting gets birthed. It’s a good day to figure out what you would like to birth, what changes would you like to affect for yourself? The time is right and the energy is supporting you full throttle right now.

One more wondering….would you like to do a moon ritual on the 7th?

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