10 of swords

The ten of Swords is not the nicest card in the Tarot deck with it’s rather uncomfortable imagery. The card is about ending which could be accompanied by a feeling of betrayal. It can mean a person or organization but right now I feel that this may be the betrayal we are feeling towards God, the divine or the universe.

It could be that you were just about ready to launch and the lockdown put a spanner in your plans. It could be that just the locked down feeling is making you mad. It could be that you are scared for some people. All these can be considered a betrayal because dammit the universe is supposed to be on our side.

Don’t stop yourself from expressing your annoyance to the universe. To the universe we are like toddlers and just like a toddler kicks and flails at her parents when mad, without fear of repercussions, we can do the same with the universe. Let it out, whatever you are feeling, say whatever you want to the universe and you will feel better for it.

With any kind of change (and this is a big one) we go through the five stages of grief. Because when things change something is been lost or ended. And anger is usually the first stage of the process. Allow yourself this in these troubling times.

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