Soul’s Journey

If you’ve been struggling the past few weeks, and it could be an unconscious struggling because we want to be positive people and we want to be able to deal with adversity but getting up and getting things done, it’s time to acknowledge that and to surrender to the will of the universe.

We are all worried because we don’t know what’s going to happen and when is it going to end and what the new future will look like, we are worried about the homeless and the people in the shanties, we are worried about our aged neighbours, we are worried about the stray dogs who are starving because their regular food is unavailable, we are worried about jobs and a recession, there is just so much uncertainty and there is a lot of energy of worriedness in the air and it does affect us.

Take a moment to connect with what the underlying feeling is. Sit with what you are feeling for a while. Place your hand on the part of your body that is feeling the distress. It’s not important to identify the feeling but important to feel it. In perilous times, quiet time, inner time, connection with self is of paramount importance. It eases the way for the rest of what needs to be done.

When you feel like you have connected and acknowledged, the surrender will come on its own. It need not be a happy, uplifted, overly positive state but a quiet knowing of what to do and where to go. Walk with spirit on this part of your soul journey <3.

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