Vale of Shadows

A plant needs water and sunlight and mud to grow but whereas the sun and water are light the mud is dark. Yet the plant needs all of it. Today’s message is to pay attention to the shadow side of us. The side we shy away from and on occasion reject. But it is needed for us to grow. With Spirit, all things serve, the dark and the light.

The days in isolation will bring up the light and the dark and it will bring up discovery of the self. It can be challenging and somewhat uncomfortable to consciously engage with the aspects of ourselves that we are yet to accept and love. Yet this is what you are guided to embrace now.

Try to do the opposite of what you normally do. If you consider yourself to be introverted, try some social engagement – it can be reaching out to people online or with a call. If you consider yourself to be a quiet person then indulge in some music and dance. If you are normally social and chattery then try some silence and stillness. This inner play is not about saying that who you are now is not enough but about acknowledging that there is another side to you as well, and both can exist. Use this time to delve into the parts of you that are hidden in the vale of shadows and find love and joy there as well.

Happy monday ❤

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