If you’re interested in doing some self-work while at home, I’m offering a chakra reading with an affirmation for whatever it is that you want to work on. 

How the chakra reading works is that I use my trusty pendulum to figure out where the resistance is in the body and give an affirmation, which is repeated by you till the resistance melts (minimum of 21 days) and you see a movement in that sphere of your life.

For example, the question can be ‘why does my back hurt’ or ‘what can I do to get more business’ or ‘how can I improve my relationship with xyz’. And the corresponding affirmation for the back could be ‘I allow myself to be supported’ or ‘it’s safe for me to be free’ – depending on what the pendulum reveals.

It’s ₹500/- for the reading and affirmation. You can send in the question on Whatsapp or email (@ 8459303602 or

I, of course, will be working on my eyes 😏.

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