To be fair

My niece has a favourite refrain, “it’s not fair” when she is denied something. We may not say it out loud but we all think it every now and then. Like it or not but there seems to be unfairness and injustice in the hand we are dealt when things aren’t going our way and we promptly forget about it when things are going our way.

Life offers experiences that are challenging and experiences that are nourishing, yet over time, they strike a balance. We move from being, from stasis, to doing—from discovering, to loving, to letting go—to being again. If you are not content with where you are at this moment, remember that all experiences have their place. The moment we accept them without judgment, the universe sets in motion to change the status quo. The faster you want to get out of the state the more willing you must be to accept it, the struggle only makes it force it’s will upon us. Sink down into it and accept it with all of your being, not to change it, although change may happen because of the acceptance.

At a more material level this card says that if there are some negotiations going on in your life there will be fair settlement. You will get what you is owed to you. On the flip side, do give people what is owed to them as well.

The same goes for relationships, the best kind of relationship is one in which there is mutual benefit and both parties feel heard, valued, and respected. 

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