More hunting advice today from Diana, the hunter. This time it’s about focused intent. There are times when we think we know what we want not realising that it’s not all that clear in our mind. Then there are times when we have a vague idea and we leave it to the universe to give us the best possible and then there are times when we feel that any or both options would be good for us.

The universe needs to know what to put its energy behind because any and all options will just dilute the energy. If there is an outcome that you are hoping for – make up your mind and state that intent clearly so that the universe can work its magic. Don’t worry if it is the right things or not or if it is possible or not, leave the workings to the universe. If it is meant for you, if it is right and good for you it will be yours and if not, something else will work out for you. But for now, have a clear intent so that you give it the best shot. Even if it something that feels like it’s beyond reach, reach out for it anyway.

Keep your eye on the prize today!

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