Medicine Wisdom

Pay attention to your body today and listen to what it has to say. Especially if you are feeling under the weather or have a small ache or pain somewhere. You can connect with your body by placing your hand on the affected area or by placing your hand on your heart (the non-dominant hand works best). The placing of your palm itself is really soothing and sometimes that is all you need and sometimes the placement of the palm will tell you how it is really feeling. Sometimes we just apply a hot compress to every ache whereas a cold compress may be what the body is asking for. There will be an inner knowing – it may be that you need to go see a doc but you have been ignoring that and when you connect you will know.

This goes for food as well. We often just eat what is in front of us or what is convenient but the right foods are the best medicine. Take a moment to figure out what the body is craving. Is it hot food or cold? Is it for sweet or spicy? Is it for comfort food or indulgence?

Connect and listen and you will find the right medicine for you.

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