A lovely reminder today to allow grace to flow into your day. The more gratitude we feel the more we have to be grateful for. It’s not just about being mindful about our thank yous but making a conscious practice out of it. When we feel grateful for every moment – good or not so good – we open up our channels for receiving. A open heart or open arms have such profound imagery for us because that is what our spirit self wants.

It is about the flow of abundance in all its forms and it is about letting love flow in your world. Have you heard about living the Arigato life by Ken Honda? I can’t find the original video but here is one about Arigato-ing your money. In the original, he talks about the value of grace in everyday life and how the energy of anything can change when you respond with the energy of thankfulness. (Just ignore the Vishen bits :))

Arigato your day today by saying thank you from morning to night today, for every little thing you come in contact with, for every thing that happens to you – great or small, good or bad, for every person you meet today or even think about. And see how the day goes for you.

Have a lovely Tuesday ❤

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